20 Games like Until Dawn (2024)

These are some of the games like Until Dawn, If you enjoyed Until Dawn, you’re looking for more games like it? There are dozens of games to choose from.

Here we have gathered some of the games that are similar to Until Dawn based on the same gameplay and graphics.

List of 20 Games like Until Dawn

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Here is the list of Games similar to Until Dawn. You can easily get to know about the games in the list which are similar to Until Dawn along with a short description.


As with other Perceptio games, it features eight protagonists and changes perspective throughout the game. The game is largely character-driven, with choices having dire consequences. Characters die at any moment, putting the player in constant danger.

The game also focuses on relationships, with each character having their own set of relationships and goals. You’ll need to navigate these relationships and make critical decisions as the story unfolds.

Perception: Remastered

For a true horror experience, Perception Remastered is a must-have. Its jump scares are sure to make you cringe every time you play. The graphics in Perception are superb, and the game’s sound quality is second to none. In addition, the game also includes a PSVR headset, which is a great feature for playing in VR.

The game is also quite short and will keep players entertained for hours. The Multiple Death system is an excellent feature, as it helps players feel less frustrated when making difficult decisions and gives the player more time to explore.

In addition, the game allows you to choose between different characters at any given time, which adds an element of mystery to the experience. Players can also be assured that their choices will not be reversed until they reach a goal.

Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story combines the survival horror genre with point-and-click adventure gameplay. It’s reminiscent of the Resident Evil games but takes inspiration from Asian ghost tales. The game’s plot begins with Mei-Lin Mak accidentally entering a run-down apartment building and confronting the ghosts and spirits.

After surviving a terrifying encounter with the spirit of a deceased boy, Mei begins to question her reality and the truth of her existence. The game is a bit repetitive, but the atmosphere is wonderful. You’ll spend most of your time walking or running. You can also use an elevator, but you won’t have access to it until late in the game.

You’ll spend a lot of time backtracking to reach the elevator. It’s also impossible to avoid swarms of ghosts, and you’ll be forced to face them.


In this game, we meet the young shrine maiden Naoko, who is tasked with maintaining the shrine while the priest is away. Her tasks include drawing talismans and taking the laundry to the river. But the trip to the river takes an unsettling turn when she discovers a makeshift ritual setup.

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This, of course, unleashes evil. As the story unravels, we’ll see exactly what happened to Naoko. To help players find the key to their salvation, it includes an in-game system for keeping track of all the clues they find throughout the game.


The firework was created to honor Guo-Qiang’s grandmother. Sadly, she was too ill to attend the display in person, so she watched it from her hospital bed over the phone. A month later, she passed away.

A display video was posted to Facebook and has already garnered 56 million views. Guo-Qiang used a 500-meter wire ladder studded with gold fireworks and quick-burning fuses to create this amazing display. The wire ladder was covered with gunpowder, gold, and other decorations.

Rise Of Insanity Until Dawn

is a fantastic game, but Rise Of Insanity is a poor copy of the original. The game is short and repetitive, with few enemies and chase sequences.

Players may want to stick to other games that contain more action, but Rise Of Insanity is a disappointment if you’re looking for a thrilling game. If you’re a fan of horror games, this game will disappoint you.

Whispering Willows

As a fan of horror games, you’ll be pleased to know that Whispering Willows follows a similar pattern. The basic adventure game blueprint is followed, with tasks usually involving finding a key or cutting vines to free a ghost.

The game also features a beautiful mansion, observatory, garden maze, and greenhouse. The level design is equally impressive. While many of the levels can feel similar to one another, Whispering Willows has a unique feel to them.

The story is told through a collection of found writings, each telling the story from a different perspective. The writing is polished, and the storyline flows well. The game is engaging, despite its predictable story and simple puzzles.

However, it is not particularly deep. If you’re new to graphic adventure games, Whispering Willows is a good choice. The game isn’t very difficult and has a likable protagonist.

Close To The Sun

If you’ve played Until Dawn, you’re probably curious how Close To The Sun is different. This game is similar but with more stories and a different focus. It’s structured like a movie, with your character’s actions determining the course of the story.

You can also choose the ending of the film. Both games are based on the same story but with a different tone.


There are many ways to compare Apparition to Until Dawn, but few games can seamlessly combine the two genres.

Until Dawn is an innovative take on horror, featuring a narrative that changes based on your choices. Peter Stormare, a psychologist who guides you through the game, tells you about the events that have happened while playing and uses that information to develop a psychological profile of your character.

Maid of Sker

While not perfect, Maid of Sker is a solid first-person horror game. The spooky atmosphere is a welcome change from the more generic horror games we’ve played in recent years. And although it relies on jump scares, Maid of Sker is still well-done.

Developed by the same people who created Gamer Girl, Maid of Sker is a step up from previous horror games. Though the game is advertised as a survival horror, it is a stealth-based game first and foremost. It’s incredibly well-executed, with sound effects and chilling music enhancing the overall effect.

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As a result, players will find themselves immersed in the atmosphere while avoiding the detection of the antagonists. Its narrative is clunky, though, and the ending is rather disappointing.


The first installment of the series, Until Dawn, features a succubus as one of its enemies. Succubus is the third Hell’s Sibling, and they possess the power to drain life from anyone they touch. A succubus is also a recruitable field enemy in Megami Tensei games.

The game Noctropolis also features a succubus, The Succubus, a protagonist in the series. In the first game, Succubus appears in the form of Yoko Belnades, and you have to fight her with a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat her.

Her primary attack, known as Blood Sucker, has been changed into Bullet Soul, allowing Soma to drink the blood of her enemies. She also has a self-replenishing MP bar and can use her powers to heal herself, which is crucial to surviving this game.

Night Book

The Night Book is similar to Until Dawn in several ways. The main story involves eight friends who are trapped in a mountain retreat. As they fight out of the retreat, they must overcome fear and uncertainty to survive.

Throughout the story, the players control each of the eight characters and make decisions that ultimately affect their fate. The game’s characters are also unique, so the reader will need to think outside the box to figure out what is going on. In the book, the story takes a twist on the fairy tale.

It’s set in Regency England, and the character of Annaleigh is reminiscent of the princess from Beauty and the Beast. The story is gripping, and Medeiros has an amazing knack for storytelling. This talent helps her make the reader feel immersed in her world.


Playing Perception is a great example of the power of player choice in a video game. While it is true that the choices you make are often in line with the narrative intended, it also encourages you to learn about the world around you.

The game’s collectibles also make the world more ‘real.’ Moreover, you can use them to help you out in difficult situations and make decisions based on your knowledge of the lore.

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid is an excellent example of a survival horror game. It has a great story and a high level of fright, and it’s a good example of that genre. While this game does suffer from the same problems as other similar games, it’s still a fun experience for its audience.

If you want a game similar to Until Dawn, consider trying out Until Dawn. Developed by a team from Supermassive Games, this game is a PlayStation 4-exclusive horror title. The game’s creative director, Will Byles, is equally nervous and energetic as he discusses the game’s potential.


Many people say that Mundaun is like Until Dawn, but what makes this game different? Its creepy, unsettling atmosphere comes from its comfortable adherence to weirdness. The story takes place in a mountainous region, and you’ll encounter hay people, decapitated goat Allegria, and other creatures of the dark.

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The game’s visuals are gorgeous, the clever concepts, and the soundtrack is perfect. It has that old-world horror-film feeling, without all the didactical bent.


It is a survival horror game from Supermassive Games, and it’s a perfect example of how a seemingly innocuous action can have huge consequences. The game is set in a desolate mountain resort in Western Canada, and your every decision radically affects the result.

If you like games in this genre, you should give this one a shot. It has plenty of appeal to players who love ‘The Walking Dead’ and other interactive horror games.

Pine View Drive

You’re missing out if you haven’t heard of Pine View Drive. This atmospheric horror game has a very similar format but without supernatural elements. Players explore an abandoned mansion and search for clues.

There are many scares and mild twists, but the game starts frightening and quickly becomes boring. It’s a solid game but could have been much more atmospheric. But it is far from a perfect game.


Simulacra is a survival horror game developed by Primordium. Players follow the story of eight friends trapped in a remote mountain retreat.

The tension is high among the group, and every decision they make will shape the story. Simulacra has an impressive Hollywood cast, and the PlayStation 4 is a good fit for the game.

The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel

The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel is a decent read, but it lacks pacing. The characters don’t get much screen time, and the writing is often one-dimensional. It isn’t a good choice for horror fans looking for more eerie scenes.

In addition, the book is far too long and stretches the story out too thin. It feels like a twenty-hour confessional, with a lot of telling instead of showing. If the author had included more dialogue, it would have solved many of these issues.

The main difference is that it’s in a visual novel form and has fewer obvious horror elements. Unlike ‘Until Dawn,’ however, the protagonists are not guaranteed to make it through the various endings alive. Rather, you’ll have to make decisions based on the characters’ personalities. There are many decision trees in The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel is Like until Dawn.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a horror movie about a detective named Sebastian who discovers that a psychiatric clinic has been destroyed.

The only surviving patient speaks of a man named Ruvik, who murders several patients in a security room. Sebastian’s headaches are explained by a system of unification of the mind. This is not the only version of the film. It also has a twisted love story.

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