15 Maplestory Private Server (2024)

You can find many advantages of using a Maplestory private server. Not only will you be able to get the most out of your gaming experience, but you can also get to play with your best friends on your account.

Here we have featured a list of some popular Maplestory Private servers that players can access online and enjoy the game with their friends.

Without wasting your time let go of the list of best Maplestory Private Servers.

Maplestory Private Server

Maple Legends

If you’re looking for an enhanced MapleStory experience, try out AriesMS, a free-to-play multi-region MapleStory private server. This game server focuses on region-friendly stability, no Play2Win or Vote2Win, and skill balancing.

Other features of this game server include customized party and merchant interfaces, custom gachapon, and much more. Maple Legends are an excellent choice for anyone looking to return to the Big Bang days and experience the classic gameplay.

A MapleLegends private server includes all of the popular features of the original game. Players can experience the old MapleStory gameplay while enjoying a large community.

In MapleLegends, old characters come back to life and new content from other regions. The server’s unique environment makes it a fun experience for anyone who played MapleStory before. Here, you can have the best of both worlds – a nostalgic MapleStory experience and new, unique content!


The AriesMS Maplestory private server is the perfect solution for players who want to experience the original Big Bang gameplay. Its features include enhanced progression, fourx DROP, and sixx MESOS. The server also allows players to interact with each other and contribute to the community’s growth.

Its rapid rate of incorporating new content has been attributed to its increasing popularity. It has recently introduced new classes and events to the game, including the Adele class. The AriesMS Maplestory private server is a great choice for players who want to play with other players who share the same passion for the game.

It features working Party Quests and a 100-cash shop. It also provides ultimate protection from hackers and guarantees increased anti-KS and EXP rates.

With AriesMS, you can enjoy playing Maplestory in a safe and fun environment. Just log in to AriesMS Maplestory’s private server today and start enjoying the benefits of playing in a secure environment.

Maple Royale

If you are looking for the best private server for Maple Royale, MapleCitizens is a perfect choice. It is a v83 private server that offers custom content, bug-free gameplay, and balanced rates. MapleCitizens is also one of the most populated servers on the Internet, and players of all levels will find it enjoyable to play.

If you have not yet played this private server, you should start playing it today! This server offers many benefits, including user-centric gameplay, forums, and feedback opportunities. As the server is based in Canada, the community is close-knit and supportive.

Other benefits of this server include housing, daily and weekly GM events, marriages, and many updated cosmetics. Maple Eunoia also has an easy-to-use rebirth system and a wide range of professions


If you are looking for a Maplestory private server with great community support and a high-level cap, then you should try out Catella.

This Canadian Maplestory server is a modified version of the popular V83 private server. This server focuses on PartyPlay mode, giving each team a skill to help them win quests and fight bosses. It is also fully optimized for party play and has many custom features, such as the ability to level up faster and easier.

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You can enjoy the highest EXP rates on this MapleStory private server, as well as fully functional Party Quests. It has a 100% Cash Shop, ultimate protection from hackers, and guaranteed anti-KS and EXP rates.

It also has customized parties and automated events, which are essential for your game’s progress. And with its custom launcher, the server also has plenty of features that make it one of the best private servers for Maplestory.

Teeria Legends V62

If you are looking for an enhanced game experience, try playing Teeria Legends V62 on Maplestory Private Server. This re-creation of MapleStory features a 100% Cash Shop, working Party Quests, and ultimate protection against hackers and cheaters.

It is also made in the UK, making it the perfect choice for those who want to relive the MapleStory glory days. Its features and benefits are listed below: This re-imagined MapleStory server is developed in the US and tackles the issue of too much innovation in the modern world of the game.

It features old-school graphics and gameplay and takes players back to their glory days in the classic MapleStory universe. Besides that, this re-creation has several unique features that make it stand out. You can also take advantage of its flea market, forums, and even an Official Subreddit.


If you’re a casual player and don’t mind playing a single character, you’ll probably enjoy StoryMS on Maplestory private server. Its cool modernizations, account-wide progression, and moderate levelling speed make this server an excellent choice.

It also avoids the pitfalls of multi-client and leeching meta. Listed below are some of the best features of StoryMS. Read on to learn about this Canadian MapleStory private server.

The most prominent features of the server include working Party Quests and a 100 cash shop. The server is safe from hackers and features automatic growth of EXP rates and anti-KS.

It is also available in multiple languages and has a discord server for players to communicate with other players. If you can’t make it to the server, consider a private server that doesn’t use the game’s official servers.

Limina KMS V316

Limina KMS V316 on MapleStory private server is a high-version non-P2W rebirth server that offers all new content, no P2W, no washing, guild creation, and boat rides. Currently, Limina has many major quests working and is very accessible for those who do not speak Korean.

It also has a Discord server for the players to communicate and interact with one another. Another feature of this server is its user-centric gameplay. Players can interact with other players, post feedback, and change the game.

The server’s popularity has a direct relation to the speed at which new content is incorporated. There are numerous perks for playing Limina KMS V316, including:


If you are looking for the best Maplestory private server, then look no further. We have ranked the top MapleStory private servers by votes, version, and type.

You can also vote on your favourite Maple private server and have it appear at the top! Just like the public server ranking, the top list will be updated regularly, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy!

And if you’re still looking for more options, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the game. A private server provides a lot of extra features, including working Party Quests, 100% Cash Shop, and custom content.

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You’ll also be able to play as different classes on different servers, which means every class is contributing equally to the team’s effort.

BBB servers also retain the original gameplay of MapleStory, meaning you can explore the world and find adventures. You’ll be able to play with a team or solo and level up by battling bosses and winning quests.

Maplestory Plus

There are many benefits of playing on a private server for Maplestory Plus. Most of these servers are regularly updated and bug-free. Most of them focus on the PartyPlay mode, allowing every player to have a party skill.

They also let players level up by winning quests and fighting bosses. You can learn about these advantages of a private server by reading this article. This article was written by an expert in the field. Another advantage is the fact that you can choose a variety of servers that cater to your needs.

The most popular server features a working Party Quest system, 100% Cash Shop, and ultimate security from hackers. Most importantly, it comes with a custom launcher and ensures increased anti-KS and EXP rates.

But before you decide to use a private server, make sure to read the following tips. Just be cautious and enjoy your new game!

MapleStory EVO

There are several advantages of a MapleStory EVO private server. For starters, you can choose to join a server that offers the most competitive gameplay. You can join one that is multi-regional, as well as a server that caters to Brazilian gamers.

This type of server prides itself on being able to eliminate lag and allows players to push the boundaries of the game. Another benefit is that you can play on a server that is new and expect it to grow over time.


When playing the game, many players are looking for the best Maplestory private server that can offer all the features they are looking for. With a MapleKey private server, you can enjoy the highest CRC for your files and memories.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of memory or file CRC again! This server will even automatically manage your CRC and other settings for you. This way, you can play as much as you want! A number of features are available on MapleStory private servers, including gacha tickets and points-per-login.

Some MapleStory private servers are free, while others require you to pay a monthly fee. Note that you will be restricted from Open Job Advancement for a certain amount of time, and the server may be laggy.

You can also choose to play on the server’s newest version, MapleKey v83, which features the highest rate and best features. You can also do quests for experience and mesos.

Silver MapleStory

If you have ever wanted to play Silver MapleStory on your computer, you might want to consider using a private server. The following information on how to do this will be discussed in a separate post.

Guests of the private server can post on the GameFAQs message boards. Guests can change the messages that are displayed, as well as add media to their posts. In a recent error, many private servers did not contain Speigelmann Marbles or Dragon Eggs, and the error caused a number of players to make +46 stat Egg Speigelmanns.

Maple Sky

If you’re looking to play MapleStory on a private server, you’ve come to the right place. Our top picks are ranked by votes, version, and type, so you can vote for the one you like best! Then, find out which ones the rest of us like as well, and start playing today! It’s the ultimate way to make new friends and play your favorite games.

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There are many great private servers available, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love! There are numerous advantages to playing MapleStory on a private server. The first benefit is that you don’t have to worry about piracy and you can play on a secure server.

Another advantage is that the servers are developed and maintained by people from all over the world, so you can be sure you’ll get the most authentic experience. You’ll also enjoy more customization options and the option to create your own custom drop table.

And since most MapleStory private servers are free to join, you can easily transfer your account to another private server without any problems

Absolute Maple

If you’ve been looking for a good private server to play Maplestory on, you’ve come to the right place. Known for its low rates, MaplePioneer is home to a community of players from all over the world. You’ll find all the usual features of a fast-paced server, along with special perks and events.

The game’s popularity is closely tied to the server’s quick implementation of new content. It offers buffed maps, 225 levels, and a special NX formula for mobs and other scenarios. The server’s Discord is a great way to interact with other players and chat with the staff.

In addition to its great rates and new content, the Absolute Maplestory private server also offers a laid-back environment for players, and dedicated staff to enhance the overall experience. All classes are supported, as is logging in and out of the server.

You can expect to have access to every class on the server, which makes it perfect for people new to the game. The server also offers daily quests and rewards online that are unique to the game.

Maple Black

There are many ways to enjoy the game, but a private server offers a better experience. Maple Eunoia is a top-rated private server in Maplestory, and its staff are always friendly and helpful. Its community is meaningful and diverse, and it offers daily GM events, housing, themed events, and marriages.

There are also many professions and updates to cosmetics. Maple Eunoia also offers a simple rebirth system. Arboren v217 is another Maplestory private server that features custom classes. These classes can add new skills to your Mapleverse character, and they let you create custom party quests.

This server is brand new, and its growth is expected to continue. You can also expect a high speed of lag and a lot more PvE content to be added in the near future. You can expect the server to grow over time, and it is worth a try if you want to maximize the game’s potential.

This is sum up for this Maplestory Private Server guide. Here at Gameinstants, we covered all gaming information and you can read more similar content on Maplestory Guides to get more helpful information.

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