Warframe: Granum Void How to Get It

The Granum Void is a special play mode of Warframe, unlocked after the completion of Deadlock Protocol. The Granum Void of Warframe tasks you with killing up to 75 Errant Spectres in a set amount of time to receive a better reward.

Granum Void: Overview

This means that, in theory, you could spend one Crown to get into the Warframe Granum Void, get the rewards, keep going on with the quest, and then return an identical Coin substitute from Spectre enemies.

When entering the Void of the Orb, you must kill as many enemies as you can- -hitting your goal points gives a chance of dropping a proteome component, depending on which type of Granum Crown you used to enter the Void.

The Warframe that you equipped when creating a Sister will determine the bonus damage type that a Tenet-related weapon will have and the Ephemera type if a Sister has any. When you are close enough to initiate the Mercy Kill, you will see the Tenet Weapon Preview the created Sister will be using.

Like spawning Kuva Lich, the Progenitor wireframe used to create the Parvus Sisters defines elements of the Tenet Weapon. The warframe which completes a Kuva Lich is marked as its progenitor, which affects the damage-type bonuses of the Kuva weapon of that Lich.

Granum Void Framing

How To Enter and Get Granum Crown In Warframe

A Granum Crown can be used to access the Granum Void through a large, gold-handled statue in the Corpus Ships. Corpus enemies called Treasurers are essentially a special Corpus unit that appears in Corpus Ship missions and are guaranteed to drop the Granum Crown upon killing.

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I usually run hydra and plyo to the sisters since the mission is capture, and it can be done in around 5 minutes, including not just capturing, but also Granum Void and a Treasurer, which is used as the substitute to Zeniths Granum Crown used for gaining access to Nightmares Granum Void.

Hydra, Pluto is another simple capture mission which gives you the third-level Zenith Granum Crown every time it is completed. There are granum crowns, and which tier of the mission you pick will determine which one you will get.

Using a Granum Zenith Crown on the Gold Hand Tribute, you enter the pocket of Parvus Granum in the Void to fight the errant Spectres. Quickly dispatch of a Treasurer before it yields a Coin, used to enter Granums Void through interaction with a Large Golden Hand.

Once the timer expires or players have reached a maximum Rank reward, all players in the Granum Void are teleported back to the Standard Map. Any tributes from the Golden Hand are turned away from the player, ending any further Granum Void access for the remainder of the quest.

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Upon completing Deadlock Protocol, if waiting on a set of Corpus Ship tiles, an indicated Miniboss will appear, dropping the Granum Crown (Normal, Exemplar, or Zenith, depending on the mission level). Components for the weapon may be obtained from a rotating C-reward pool at each tier of the Granum Void.

The Warframe Granum Void is an integral piece in Sisters of Parvus’s new arch-enemies that you can fight in-game; it is a fantastic item source and one of the best weapons in Warframe.

In addition to acting as the BFG for the Warframe, you can also use this hypercharged shot to release the wireframe prisoners strung across The Granum Void, adding an extra 20 seconds onto your timer.

Different Types Of Granum Crown

Granum Crowns

Reward in Warframe

With some of the best rewards in Warframe locked behind steel paths and arbitrages, having a Warframe with a chance to single-shot enemies is a massive benefit to returning veterans and new players alike. If you can adjust to the somewhat tedious playstyle of Octavia, you are currently going to not find a stronger Warframe in Warframes.

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Having those warframes at an early stage (especially given how watered down his rewards chart is) will mean new players are engaged on a lower-level Railjack planet for a long enough period of time to really get a few base items and Intrinsic Farming up for when he moves onto higher-level Railjack missions.

By the time the new player is in a position to farm the Proxima veil, they would have had so much other content completed to obtain the necessary gear for enemies there, they would have been better-served farming Ambulas bosses on Pluto for Trinity, or the Granum Void Fissures for Protea.

Granum Void Rewards

Granum Void Rewards

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