Is the Beamng Drive Coming to Xbox One?

Beamng Drive is popular among car enthusiasts. The Beamng drive is a vehicle simulation video game that was available for Microsoft Windows on August 3, 2013, and on steam early access it was introduced on 29 May 2015. In Beamng various game modes keep players interested every single time. there are campaign mode, time travel mode, and also free mode.

Why is Beamng Drive popular?

The other thing users like about Beamng drive is the near-to-real-life experience. When a vehicle collides with any other object or another vehicle it uses soft-body physics to give a real-world experience. When you take a ride on any race track either you hit the object or vehicle minor differences you will notice on the vehicle. Also, you can perform all the crash tests on the editor.

Other than that, Beamng drive has a wide range of options. From a delivery vehicle to Motorsports, all options are there for you to try in Beamng drive.

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With all that cool and realistic stuff Beamng drive is popular among pc users. Furthermore, the craze of this game is not limited to pc only but gamers are waiting for the Beamng drive Xbox one version.

When can we expect a Beamng drive Xbox one version?

As of now, Beamng drive is not available for the Xbox one console. Currently, it is only available on Windows PC. From the developer of the game BeamNG GmbH, there is no such announcement regarding launching Beamng drive on Xbox one. Furthermore, there is not any update about Linux, PlayStation, mac, and other Xbox series.

So, we can’t predict any date and are not sure if the game will arrive in the future or not.

The Beamng drive is available for Windows PC only. There is no such information from the developer regarding whether it will be available on the other gaming devices or not. The Beamng drive Xbox version is not launched yet. However, Xbox users can try it on pc for sure.

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