Xbox Series Z Portable Price, Release Date (2024)

Do Xbox Series Z Portable is real and when it’s coming out and how much does it cost? Here in this short guide, we have covered the entire topic of the Xbox Z Portable console.

As new products are launching every day in the gaming industry. The Xbox and other gaming-related pushing them so hard to stay in the top tier list of the industry. As we are all aware of the name Xbox and know the products are launched by them.

So the thing is in 2023 the Xbox Series Z will be released. The price of the device and it will be portable to other devices. For now, it’s just a thought on the internet related to the Xbox Series Z.

In November 2020, Xbox S and Xbox Series X were launched until then there is not any official announcement done by the creators regarding the Xbox Series Z. They are all just rumours for now but when the z series will actually come it will be huge.

The thing behind the Xbox one series is that the modern tech video creator imkashama created a video related to Xbox’s new version, the Xbox Series Z.

The video creator often makes these types of tech videos with different gadgets. So if you see something related to the Xbox Series Z it’s just random images on the internet.

Xbox Series Z Portable
xbox series z portable

Will the Xbox Series Z Portable be Released?

The sad news is that the video you are seeing on the internet about the Xbox Z version is just random creative videos. The video has nothing to do with the actual product of the Xbox. The video product is a dummy or prototype of the version.

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So we can say, that Xbox Series Z portable that is shown in the video is just a dummy, not a real thing.

However, there is no information regarding Xbox Z as of now. As we know the Xbox is not in the development phase also. The Xbox Z will not launch any time sooner for now.

The Xbox Z version can be launched in the next few years but for now, there are no such things as the Xbox Series Z. Other Than this the version you are seeing now on social media can be the next actual version of the Xbox Series Z.

But for now, all you can do is watch those kinds of videos more and if you are planning to buy the Xbox or any other gaming device then go for it. The Xbox series z will take some time before it actually launches.

Xbox Series Z Price and Specs

As we mentioned earlier, there are no such things in the world as the Xbox Series Z. So the precise we will discuss it will be just some prediction rate.

The actual rate may vary. For now, there are enough gaming devices that are sold every day in the world. The other factor is the Xbox’s other version was launched in 2020 and there are now rumours about the Xbox Series Z.

So when the actual announcement happens the price will be according to that. Such that if the device is launched while other brands are also launching the product the price of the Xbox Series Z will automatically reduce.

The thing is the new version has all previous bugs and glitches sorted out. Therefore the new version of the Xbox series z will be hugged.

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The price will be according to the competition at that time. If the new brands will take a step forward and get more reasons to purchase their products. The Xbox Series Z price will automatically be reduced to maintain a healthy comparison on the game or it will increase the other services at the same time.

The version of Xbox kashma created was just his imagination. The device has a foldable screen the size of the screen is like a tablet. When you press on the top the screen pops up. The handmade version has some sort of keys on both ends.

The middle part has touch sensors you can swipe right through it to change the different games. On the main screen, you can see the games and select from the controller.

So this is all just a concept for a new portable version of it. The video was quite interesting and went very viral on the internet.

The reason behind it was that the video was so smooth and it looked very easy to control the Xbox z device in hand. The size of it was just perfect. You can hold it with one hand easily and the control setup also looks comfortable. Furthermore, it is easy to carry and the big screen pops up. Everything goes beyond the imagination.

If this version was actually part of the Xbox it went very huge just like this video. Nonetheless, you can see this type of creation in other gaming devices in the near future.

For now, there is a Nintendo switch and this imaginary Xbox z portable device is ready to use. Furthermore, it looks like many tech giants are working on it to make a portable gaming device perfect. So you can expect more devices soon.

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Reason Why is Player Liking the Video of the Xbox Series Z?

There are so many gaming devices including PCs, Playstation, Xbox Series, and Mobile video games. But the things with all that consoles and PC are just there are good gaming companies at home. You can connect and enjoy the game at any time at home.

But when you are not at home and the phone doesn’t support the high range of the game. Then the portable gaming device is easy to carry anywhere.

They can carry on the bag while going out. So when you are not at home travelling, in school breaks or at another place and free. You can just use it anywhere.

Also, some of the devices can connect to the tv by means of a wireless connection or with cables. So you can use it at home on the big screens and while you are not at home also use the gaming devices.

There are also options for tablets and pads but the problem people face is the controls. While using the tablets it’s hard to get the grip on some of the complex gaming controls. So the portable consoles with the buttons mounted on them make it easy to use the big screens on the hand.

This is the end of this guide, hopefully, you find it helpful.

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