LISA Genshin Impact – Best Build, Weapons, Artifacts (2024)

Lisa Genshin Impact – Here we have listed all the Lisa Best Builds, Best Weapons, Best Artifacts, and Martial along with gameplay tips that allows you to get better in Genshin Impact without having a hassle.

How to get Lisa in Genshin Impact

Lisa works as the Knights of Favonius’ librarian in Mondstadt. During the Prologue main quest, you’ll encounter her as an NPC when you just visit the order’s head office.

You’ll obtain her as a Test avatar for such Sparks Among the Pages quest, where she’ll be your Electrical elemental instructor while you conquer the Sanctuary of the Lion domain combined. Clearing this mission introduces Lisa as a permanent member of your party.

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Best Artifacts

Lisa, like other early-game characters, gains the most from Artifact sets that focus her specific elemental connection. As a result, while Lisa’s sole dependence on Electro assaults implies that any Objects that improve elemental talents are beneficial to her, the ideal choice is to attach as many Thundering Fury parts as possible.

Lisa would earn a 15% Electro DMG boost across all her strikes if she has 2 parts loaded. With four parts equipped.

She Superconducts, Electro charge and overloaded elemental responses (obtained from threats with her Cryo, Pyro and Hydro teammates, in both) acquire an extra 40% DMG Elemental Cooldown after all those strikes is reduced by 1 second and can be reproduced in 0.8 seconds.

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Ascension Materials

Lisa will require the following resources to completely ascend:1 vajra amethyst silver, 6 vajrada amethyst gemstone, 9 vajrada amethyst fragments, 9 vajrada amethyst chunks, 18 slime condensates, 30 slime secretions, 36 slime concentrates, 46 lightning prisms, 168 valberries.

Just one component that is very difficult to obtain is the Lightning Prisms. They can only be obtained by grinding; you have to kill mini electro-hypostasis bosses at Level 30 or more.


We’ve already shown you how to apply some remarkable boosts to Lisa’s specific powers with the proper tools above in this guide. Whenever it relates to natural ability, Lisa’s standout characteristic is unquestionably her violet Arc and Elemental skill.

Accumulating this talent not only greatly improves the capacity of Electro power used by her, but it also plays an important role in giving her the self-defence capabilities she desperately needs against adversaries who manage to come near to her.

lisa genshin impact best build

The following list contains the total list of Lisa’s skills

  • Lightning Touch is a standard attack.
    Normal Attack – Gives Electro DMG with up to four Electrical strikes.
    Powered Attack – Gobbles up Stamina to deliver Electro DMG after a brief striking period.
    Spiralling Attack – Using the power of Electrical powers, Lisa leaps to the earth from mid-air, inflicting damage on all attackers in her way. When it collides with the floor, it delivers AoE Electro DMG.
  • Elements Skill: Violet Arc – Click to launch a targeting thunder ball that delivers Electro DMG on impact and grants opponents in a limited AoE a layer (up to 3) of the Conductive condition. Keep pressing to summon lightning from the sky, causing enormous Electro DMG to all surrounding enemies and inflicting tons and tons of substantial damage to targets dependent on the number of Conductive layers they have.
  • Elemental Blow: Lightning Rose will call a Lightning Rose, which releases strong bolts of lightning, propelling enemies around them and causing Electro DMG. For as long as the Lightning Rose is active, it will constantly produce lightning to push foes back to deal with Electro DMG.
  • 1st Ascension Passive: Forced Aftershock – Powered Attacks that hit grant Violet Arc’s Conductive condition to foes.
  • 4th Ascension Passive: Fixed Electricity Zone – Rivals affected by Lightning Rose will have their Defense reduced by 15% for 10 seconds. 
  • Utility Passive: Generic Pharmaceutics – While Lisa creates a concoction, she has a 20% opportunity of recouping yet another number among one resource out of all the materials used.
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Constellations for Lisa’s Build

To put it succinctly, it might not be good for your character to expend very many Wishes on Lisa’s Constellations. Since she is not the sole option with ELectro abilities, you’d get much better returns if you spend it on other characters like Traveller. 

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But even so, if you’re going to stick with available protagonists, Lisa can be a beneficial Electro major if you’ve been concentrating upon that Traveler’s higher-end Geo and Anemo powers; and, to be fair to Lisa and her great promise appeal, she is still one of the only remaining free-to-play electro characters with her swankier combat style. 

Here is a list of all of Lisa’s Constellations:

  • Lisa rejuvenates 2 Energy for every enemy hit when carrying Violet Arc on Infinite Circuit Level 1: At any given moment, a total of 10 Energy can be replenished in this way.
  • Electromagnetic Shield Level 2: Keeping the Violet Arc enhances Durability (by 25%) and resilience to disruption.
  • Resonant Thunder Level 3:  Raises the level of Lightning Rose by three. The highest modification degree is 15.
  • Plasma Eruption Level 4: Improves by 3 times the amount of lightning flashes unleashed by Lightning Rose.
  • Electrocute Level 6: Tends to increase the Violet Arc level   The highest enhancement level is 15.
  • Pulsating Witch Level 6: When Lisa enters the field, she distributes three piles of Violet Arc’s Conductive ability to surrounding rivals. This action might happen about every 5 seconds.
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