5 Ways: How To Get Characters in Genshin Impact In 2022

Genshin Impact Characters: Genshin Impact is so much popular among gamers in no time. Because of the gameplay story, fights, music, and much more. The Genshin Impact has lots of characters and when it comes to any video game, the players needed to know all about the game characters especially the list of the strongest and weakest characters within the game. Well, everyone doesn’t want to play with the weak character in the game.

So, if you’re wondering how you can own a new character in Genshin Impact. Then don’t worry in this short guide we are going to show you an ultimate guide for obtaining the powerful Genshin Impact characters only.

In Genshin Impact, there are 3 methods from which the players can obtain characters and these methods are as follows. You can get them free of cost, purchase a new character from the game store, or else roll for them on one of the game banners.

Well, getting a new character in Genshin Impact may be hard for lots of new gamers that can create a fear of missing out. Because most powerful and favorite Genshin Impact characters can be obtained at a certain time or date. For instance, The Zhongli is a popular character among the players because of its usefulness in the team but it can be obtained for three weeks in 2020 and 2021.

That why obtaining the Genshin Impact Characters is required a little bit of planning along with understanding the game blueprints, well don’t need to worry about anything simply read this entire guide and know the best process of getting a new character in Genshin Impact without having a hassle.

How To Get Character In Genshin Impact

There are multiple ways to get the new character in Genshin Impact.

  1. Free Characters
  2. Banners
  3. Pity System
  4. Events
  5. Starglitter Shop (Currency)

Let take a look at the methods of obtaining a new character in Genshin Impact in detailing.

How To Get Characters in Genshin Impact

Free Characters in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, every beginner gets the following characters which include Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Noelle and if you roll out in the beginner’s wish banner then you can obtain Xiangling, and Barbara throughout the game. With the arrival of the main character. The Traveler you now have exposure to every component in the game as well as at least one character for each type of weapon, with some overlapping.

The second patch since the Genshin Impact release has features four free characters because of the event reward. Here are the characters that were recently introduced as free. 1.1Fischl, 1.3  Xiangling, Xinyan, Beidou, Ningguang, Xinqui, and Chongyun, 1.5 Diona, 2.0 Beidou, and 2.2 Xinyan.

Moreover, in weapons, patches 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 2.1 provide free 4* weapons take can be taken in refinement 5 without having a hassle. So we can guess, that gamers will continue receiving free 4* characters almost every patch, with easily refinable exclusive 4* weapons somewhere between.

Starglitter Shop

Since the release of the Genshin Impact, there are two 4* characters will available in the Starglitter shop for the 34 Starglitters. This simply means this can set the rotation for these types of characters in the game.

The first six months after the game’s debut featured the following character combinations in the Starglitter Shop: Amber and Razor; Bennett and Lisa; Barbara and Kaeya; Fischl and Xiangling; Beidou and Noelle; Ningguang and Xinqui. After that Ningguang and Xinqui combination restart.


In Genshin Impact, mainly there are four banners were available are the Limited Character Banner, the Limited Weapons Banner, Standard Banner, and the Beginner’s Wish Banner. You can try your luck to obtain new characters or weapons you want on these banners.

But when it comes to the Beginner’s Wish Banner, it will go away when you’ve wished the 20 times. This banner was mainly built to introduce gamers to the gatch system provide them Noelle in the game. That simply means if you wanted to obtain a new Genshin Impact character through the Gatch System you’re left with just the Limited Character Banner and the Standard Banner. But this process, firstly you needed to know about the Pity System that features into the Genshin Impact Banners.

What is Pity System in Genshin Impact

Technically, the Banners are slot machines, Which means every time when you roll on them you can get 4* or 5* items as the bonus but there is no guaranty about it. However, there is cache in this process the chances that players can obtain 4* Genshin Impact Characters or Weapons using the Stanard Banner are approx. 5.1 percent. On other hand, the chances of obtaining 5* Genshin Impact Characters or Weapons via Standard Banner is 0.6 percent.

Moreover, the rates of obtaining the characters or weapons through the Limited Character Banner are almost the same as the Standard Banner but in this banner, you cannot obtain the 5* weapons. These chances are quite low, particularly for 5* components. That the developer has built the pity system that allows you to get the characters and weapons in Genshin Impact even if you failed to obtain them.

The pity system allows players to obtain the weapons and characters in Genshin Impact if they’ve failed to obtain it set the number of times. In Genshin Impact, there are separate pity counters for 4* and 5* components along with certain counters for the Standard Banner and the Limited Character Banner.

all Genshin Impact Characters

In this system, you’ll be guaranteed to obtain the *4 items at every ten pulls that you can obtain without 4* items. In simple words, if you’ve rolled the banner 9 times and luck is not your side, then don’t worry on the 10th pull you will guarantee to obtain the 4* item without a single doubt. More importantly, the 4* pity system gets restarts whenever you get the 4* item it does not matter if you get the item on the first pull or the last pull.

Fountently, for the 5* items you’ll get the 90 pulls sounds great, and if if the day is bad and you cannot get any item until 89 pulls then you are guaranteed to get 5* items on your 90th pull. The reset system also applies here, whenever you get the 5* item no matter in which pull 1 or 90. The pity system will get reset, whenever you get the 5* item.

When it comes to 5* things, it’s also useful to know that soft-pity exists. It takes 90 failed rolls to get hard pity, which is a guaranteed 5* pull. However, after 75 rolls, soft pity kicks in. There are no certainties with gentle pity, but it considerably increases your chances.

What is Limited Character Banner?

The Limited Character Banner in Genshin Impact is technically a rotating banner that only offers 5* and 4* characters. In other words, every 3 weeks there will be a new Limited Character Banner. That will back in 1.3 miHoYo tried with 2-week banners but immediately abandoned the idea.

The characters that you’ll obtain from Limited Character Banner will be best and useful in the game. So in case if you want any certain Genshin Impact Character in this game, Then for this you needed to wait till that character appears on the banners.

With the help of the Pity System in Genshin Impact, you can also try your luck from one of the Limited Character Banner. If you get 80 points on one Limited Character Banner and then the banner expires, you will keep that pity counter for the following Limited Character Banner.

Moreover, it is not impossible to get the 4* weapon in the limited character banner. It’s less likely because each 4* item has a 50% possibility of being one of the three prominent 4* characters. A 5* weapon is hard to obtain in a Limited Character Banner.

However, there is a way to get the 5* character if you want. Because the first time when you obtain the 5* character on a limited character banner it has almost 50 percent possibility to get features in the character. This means if you failed with the 50/50 possibility then can instead get the 5* character from Standard Banner which is also great for you.

But it also means if you get failed or lost the 50/50 possibility, you may obtain the 5* character in the next try without a failure, According to the pity system it will get resets, making the next roll on for 5* characters with 50/50 possibility and if you again lost the chance it will migrate from one limited character banner to another.

Genshin Impact Characters

What is Standard Banner?

In Genshin Impact the Standard Banner refers to the non-rotating banner in which you can obtain multiple types of characters and weapons on both 4* & 5* categories. Moreover, if you’re looking for the new 4* character then you can find it on Standard Banner just after the Limited Character Banner runs out. However, until not the players do not get any 5* characters or weapons on this banner.

The Standard Banner also features a little-known system that boosts your odds of receiving a 4* weapon after obtaining a 4* character, and conversely. The same may be said about 5* weapons and characters. This isn’t to say that you can’t have two or three consecutive characters or weapons of the very same rank.

What are the difference between 4* and 5* Characters?

If you get confused in between 4* and 5* Genshin Impact Characters. Then you don’t need to worry, It’s happened to all the beginners here we will explain what is the main difference between 4* and 5* characters. Here is the main difference between both types of characters.

  • The 5* characters have higher initial stats compared to 4* characters.
  • 5* Characters have better movesets.
  • 5* Characters have rare weapons.
  • Any other relevant point.

In simple words, the 5* Characters have better movesets, abilities along with the weapons compared to the 4* characters that are why players prefer to get 5* characters that can be very useful in the Genshin Impact.

How To Track Events In Genshin Impact

Basically, every 6 weeks the Genshin Impact undergoes an update that brings new events in the game. However there no official date or time has been set or released by the Mihoyo. Moreover, in each event, the players get a new 4* character. For example in past, the Fischl with the 1.1 updates was introduced during the event. The same goes for the Liyue which is also a 4* character introduced with the 1.3 update and the 4* Diona with 1.5 update. That, the players guess the pattern and wait for the next event with a new four-star character along with the update.

Characters in Genshin Impact

How To Pick Your Favorite Banner

The Genshin Impact gacha system is divided into banners that allow the players to select the items and characters throughout the rotation just like the slot machine. The game has three banners all the time these banners allow players to obtain the different items.

Most importantly, before you’ll decide on a banner to wish on you must know that all the Genshin Impact Characters can be obtained via these banners along with the items and weapons. The 4* characters can easily be available on any banner, but the five-star characters can only obtain via two banners which include – Limited Character Banner and Standard Banner.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions with complete explanations by our experts.

What is the easiest way to get characters in Genshin impact?

Greetings for the Character Event The Wish banner is the most effective means to obtain new characters of any rank. If you skip out on a character, don’t worry: Mihoyo has allowed repeats to a select pool of five-star characters after about six months, so you’ll most likely get another chance in the future.

Can you get all characters for free Genshin impact?

Currently, there are 7 characters that you can get for free in Genshin Impact. Some of the 4* characters can be purchased from the store or you can get them via Limited Character Banner and Standard Banner.

How do you get a 5-star character in Genshin Impact?

This means that if you don’t obtain a 5-star drop in Genshin Impact within 90 pulls, you’ll get a 4-star drop in 10 pulls.

How many Primogems is 90 pulls?

What is the cost of 90 pulls (pity) in primogems? Your spirit. Your vigour and 0.5 years off your life expectancy. In addition, 14400 primos

Can you get Genshin impact characters without spending money?

In essence, no. Because the game rewards you with a good quantity of premium currency for achieving specific levels or accomplishing certain activities. But there are seven characters that you can obtain as free but get 4* and 5* characters you need to spend the game currency.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful to know a lot more about getting a new character in Genshin Impact without having a hassle. In case if you’ve any questions regarding the Genshin Impact Characters then feel free to ask us through the comment box. We try our best to respond to your comment as soon as possible.

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