Astel Natural born of the Void Walkthrough | Elden Ring

Astel Natural Born of The Void is one of the main bosses in the Elden Ring that you can find at the end of the Lake of Rot in the Nokstella Eternal City. You can reach the location by simply the middle of the Ranni Questline.

You need to locate the set of coffins at the edge of the waterfall in Grand Cloister at Lake of Rot this is the location were you find the Astel Natural Born of the Void.

astel natural born of the void
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How To Beat Astel Natural born of the Void in Elden Ring?

Astel is appears like a Scropion with the head of a large skull and a bobble body with butterfly wings.

The Astel mainly uses two basic attacks first it will shoot the light of the beam from his mouth and second it slams into the middle air. It also uses its mouth to grab you and summing spheres and teleports from one location to another.

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We recommend you aim for the head or the legs of the Astel, we guess you should aim for the head and use the attack and dodge fighting tactics. When launching its attack make sure to roll back a few distances or block using the shield.

Once you see the perfect timing deliver multiple strikes to its head and legs. Once you drop Astel health bar to 50% it starts summing the meteor comets that you need to avoid from moving here and there.

Simply once the rating of the comets ends approach for the head and deliver multiple attacks at once. After defeating the Astel Natural Born of The Void it will drop the Remembrance of the Naturalborn. that you can exchange it for 30000 Rune at Enia in Roundtable Hold to unlock its power or consume it to get Ash of War: Waves of Darkness or the Bastard’s Stars.

Watch this YouTube Video created by Fextralife based on how to defeat Astel’s boss in Elden Ring.

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This is the end of the Astel Natural Born of Void walkthrough for more similar content do read our Elden Ring Guide.

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