Mercia Island Guide Lost Ark, All Mokoko Seeds Locations

Mercia Island Guide Lost Ark: The Lost Ark is an online multiplayer action role-playing game that you may have encountered if you’ve ever played fantasy games. The discussion on the game’s campaign’s longevity is quite brief.

mercia island guide lost ark
Mercia Island Guide Lost Ark

At a leisurely pace, the story content may be completed in around 20 hours, as opposed to the 40 to 50 hours it takes to complete a campaign in games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14.

The ability to choose from 15 different playable classes and battle other players in brutal PvP arenas is another accurate description of the lost ark game.

Merica Island Lost Ark: Overview

lost ark mercia island
Mercia Island Map

In this Mercia island guide lost ark, we will talk about all the different mokoko seeds locations in the game. Mercia is an island in the lost ark game and can be found in the Sea of Gienah, east of East Luterra and south of the island of Tortoyk. The location might seem tricky but when you get there you can search up the mokoko seeds. 

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Location of 1th and 2nd Mokoko Seeds in Mercia Island

lost ark mercia island mokoko seeds
Mercia Island 1th Mokoko Seed Location

Both the Mokoko seeds one and two can be found simultaneously. If you wish to get them then they require Forest’s Minuet for accessing them, this song is used to open up the entrance as you have to get it as a part of the mokoko seeds extraction process.

mercia island mokoko seeds locaiton
Mercia Island 2nd Mokoko Seed Location

Use the forest minuet to proceed as soon as you use it, the entrance will clear and you will see both the Mokoko seeds lying in front of you. Now you can collect the seeds.

Location of 3nd Mokoko Seeds in Mercia Island

If you are wondering where to find the third Mokoko seed then don’t worry we will guide you through the way in which you can get it without any extra hassle.

mercia island mokoko seeds
Mercia Island 3rd Mokoko Seed Location

The third Mokoko seed will be situated directly below the archway you had to encounter during the quest for the first and the second Mokoko seeds, on the southern part of the island.

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If you’re not able to witness the third seed don’t panic Make sure you’re positioned to the right of it in order to see it because it’s close to a damaged tree trunk and can only be seen from specific angles so you need to be in those angles to witness the third Mokoko seed.

If not, simply approach the trunk and wait for the game to encourage you to engage with it or auto-direct you in the current angle. 

Location of 4nd Mokoko Seeds in Mercia Island

Wondering where is the fourth Mokoko seed? Well, we got it for you, the fourth one is a little harder to spot so pay attention when searching for this one as you might miss the spot despite being on the correct path to achieve it.

mokoko mercia island
Mercia Island 4th Mokoko Seed Location

West of the third Mokoko Seed, close to some rocks, and under the shadow of a tree, is where the fourth one is located.

Location of 5th and 6th Mokoko Seeds in Mercia Island

Both the fifth and the sixth Mokoko seed can be found together like the first and the second ones, but for these, you have to clear the hidden pathways, on the island’s northwest, you must scale a rock wall in order to access this secret passageway.

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Now stand close enough to the wall until the “climb up” indicator pops up, as soon as it does click on it. One Mokoko Seed will be readily evident to you in the little off once you’ve scaled the wall. But the second one is completely invisible. It is hidden behind some rocks to the left.

all mokoko seeds in mercia island
Mercia Island 5th and 6th Mokoko Seed Location

For picking up the seeds you need to get close or stand in such a position in which the game allows you to interact or pick up the seeds.

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