Where is Raid Bulletin Board in Lost Ark

Elden Ring is one of the popular video games with lots of quests and bosses and a Raid Bulletin Board location and it’s a segment of the Find the Guardian quest. In this quest, you need to travel and explore the Raid Bulletin board in the city.

Sometimes players struggle to find the Raid Bulletin Board once you reach the location you can quickly begin the raid. Here we featured information that helps you to know how you can get the Raid Bulletin Board location and begins the raid without having much hassle.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

where is raid bulletin board lost ark

To start and complete the Go to the Raid Bulletin board location in the city task in the Find the Guardian quest in Lost Ark. Basically in this task you need to visit the Raid Bulletin board and look up more players that can go with you on the Raid to defeat the Ur’nil of one popular boss in the Lost Ark

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Most importantly to start the raid you are required to reach Level 50 and complete the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quest.

Once you complete the quest and reach the level you need to visit the Guardian Raid bulletin board in Vern Castle shown in the below screenshot.

lost ark bulletin board location
where is raid bulletin board lost ark

However, if you don’t want to complete the “Go to the Raid Bulletin Board in the city” part of the Find the Guardian quest, visit the Guardian Raid board directly. For this, you need to access your inventory and navigate to the quest items in which you need to find a scroll you have to interact and sign into the scroll.

After that, you will interact with an NPC character near the bulletin board after talking to the NPC you’re free to go.

This is sum up for the Raid Bulletin Board location guide for more helpful content do read our Lost Ark Guides for helpful information.

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