How to Get Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

In the Merge Mansion, you will solve different puzzles and search for similar items that can be combined together.

The game has lots of different levels that players need to complete in order to progress also there are lots of events, and challenges that offer new in-game experiences.

One of the most popular events in the Merge Mansion is Lindsay’s New York Story once you complete this event you will get the Hood Ornament.

Here we featured information that covers how you can get the Hood Ornament in the Merge Mansion without having much hassle.

Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

Unlock Lindsay’s New Your Story Event

Player does not get Lindsay’s New York Story event early in the game. To get this event you need to complete a certain mission in the Merge Mansion.

Mainly you will get the Lindsay New York Story when you get the Car Hood Ornament Task and you will get this unlock when you complete the garage cleaning task in the Merge Mansion.

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Once you have access to this event you can quickly start it as you prefer for that you need to tap on the Calendar Icon and activate it from the menu and after activating the event you can participate in the event for the next 3 days.

How To Get Hood Ornament in the Merge Mansion

Once you start obtaining the Makeup tools by the Lindsay New York event you need to start merging them together more importantly make certain you will reach at Level 4 or above.

After merging the Makeup tools you will get the Lindsay Hopper chain and after merging them all at Level 11 you will get the Car Hood Ornament.

This is the sequence in which you need to merge the Linday Hopper Chain.

  1. Photo of Lindsay
  2. Statue of Liberty
  3. Safe
  4. Bull
  5. Bag of Money
  6. Bear
  7. Empty Safe
  8. Theater Mask
  9. Spray Can
  10. Modern Factory
  11. Car Hood Ornament
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This is sum up Car Hood Ornament guide for more helpful content do read our User Guides.

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