Best Whatsapp Games for Couples (2024)

Whatsapp Games for Couples: Here we have featured some of the games that you can play with your partner on WhatsApp. All these games are popular among adults. You can read the information about the games and how you can play them with your partner on Whatsapp.

Without having your time, let’s start with the WhatsApp games for couples.

Love dare challenge

This quiz game for couples contains 20 questions, including questions you’ll ask your partner and questions she’ll have to answer. There’s also a name trivia challenge and a truth or dare game. You can even use your partner’s name to play, which is a unique way to test each other’s knowledge of each other.

QuestionsAnswer Options
Where does he/she want to live?Big House / Small House
What would he/she prefer?Diamond / Gold
Does he/she listen to your Heart or Brain?Heart / Brain
What did he/she want to be when he/she was a kid?Lawyer/Singer/Doctor/Army/Actor/ Engineer/ Pilot etc.
Does he/she like Chocolate or Icecream?Chocolate / Icecream
Which day is more special for him/her?Birthday / Valentine’s Day
What type of games does he/she like ?Console / Computer / Indoor / Outdoor
Which type of party does he/she like?Theme Party / Suprise Party
Which type of party does he/she like?All color options
Which is more important to him/her?Knowledge / Money
Where he/she would like to live?Dark Room / Light Room
What does he/she like Jokes or Riddles?Riddlers / Jokes / Meme
What kind of a superhero does he/she think of himself/herself ?All Superhero options
What does he/she like to do in his free time?Eating/ Chating / Sleeping / Gaming
How many girlfriends/boyfriends did he/she have in his/her lifetime?1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Don’t Want To Tell
Is he/she a dog person or a cat person?Dog / Cat / Both / Other Pets
Does he/she truly love anyone?Yes / NO
What type of gifts does he/she like from his/her lover?Teddy Bear / Chocolate / Roses / Anything Small
What does he/she use the most?Facebook / Snapchat/ Insta. / YouTube / Whatsapp
What does he/she put in WhatsApp status often?Motivational / Romantic / Meme

In addition to quizzes, you can play Would You Rather games for couples. Would You Rather play 20 Questions: Would You Rather play a question-and-answer game on WhatsApp with your partner?

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This game can be played between 2 people, but you can also play it with a single partner. One person can ask the other questions in a video call or WhatsApp message.

Whatsapp Games For Couples

Never Have I Ever (Questions and Answers)

Some classic games are great for both adults and kids. You can play Never Have I Ever and make your partner guess the person, place, animal, or food you’ve never met before. You can even try playing this game while having a drink!

This game will keep you entertained for hours. And don’t forget to record it on your phone. There are many more couples games for WhatsApp.

If you are feeling adventurous, you have to try playing the dirty couple dare game. This game is a great way to test your partner’s naughty side. Your partner can respond with a naughty video or dirty text message. You can even send a topless selfie to your partner!

While it might not sound very sexy, it is a fun game for couples to play together.

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Fill In The Blanks

There are so many ways to keep in touch with your partner, even if you’re far apart. One great option is to fill in the blanks games for couples.

Whether you’re separated by physical distance or don’t want to be solitary, these games can help you stay connected. The game features questions and answers that you can send via WhatsApp or video call.

You can even write your questions to make the game more personalized. Playing Fill In the Blanks games is a great way to spend time together while having a great time.

This simple game will make you think of different things, including things you’ve never done. For example, you may ask your partner to guess a name for you, or you and your partner can write down things that you’ve never done before. If you’re feeling silly or like something lighthearted, try sending a picture of a flower or a cat.

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You can play these games as a couple or update your status with them. Then you can share them with your friends, pages, and groups. You can also play naughty and dirty Whatsapp dare games! There’s something for every couple to try. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, fill-in-the-blanks games will spice up the romance.

A texting game involving personal questions and answers, this game makes it feel like a job interview. It can also be fun, as your text buddy is forced to share some interesting facts about themselves. It’s probably a classic from your childhood. You need a piece of paper and a goal to play with.

The goal is to guess the personality of your text buddy, and your partner will be engrossed in the game!


Couples should check out City-Country-River Whatsapp games. This classic game has a modern twist for both children and adults. The first player writes a letter in a group chat to their partner, who then replies.

The two of you have to figure out what happens next to complete the letters and win the game. This is the best game to play while on the move! This question-and-answer game is a great way to get to know each other better, especially in the getting-to-know-you stage.

For example, Give your partner a letter such as L and asked for the answer to five questions based on the Letter L

  • Anime
  • superpowers
  • Plant
  • Country
  • Things that grow

All the answers will be based on the starting letter L such as for anime “anime character names start with L” the answer is L Lawliet from Death Note and so on with other questions.

This is sum up for Whatsapp games for couples guide for more similar content do read our Games User Guides for more helpful information.

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