Is Rockstar Games Working on Midnight Club 5?

There are multiple rumours and leaks speculating on the internet about the Midnight Club 5. Well-known racing games of Rockstar Games such as Midnight Club series.

Most players don’t believe that Rockstar Games has a racing game because its famous for games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Red Red Redemption but there are also other games that Rockstar Games introduced to its fans such as Halloween, Table Tennis, Man Hunt 2 and more including Midnight Club series.

The last Midnight Club game was Midnight Club: Los Angeles introduced in 2008 and since then there has been no update about it. However, Rockstar Games release some re-versions of the games  Midnight Club: L.A. Remix and Midnight Club: Los Angeles – Complete Edition for PSP version and PS3/Xbox 360 platforms.

Now there are lots of rumours about Midnight Club 5 on the internet along with leaks. Here we covered all information that help you to know if there is Midnight Club 5 is available in future or not or if its just fake news.

Midnight Club 5 Release Date

Is Midnight Club 5 Coming Soon?

There is no official news or statement released by Rockstar Games about the release of Midnight Club 5. So we cannot say if there will be Midnight Club 5 is available in future in not.

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However, as we all know Rockstar Games is busy with the next version of GTA known as Grand Theft Auto 6 after the positive reviews of GTA 5 that released in 2013. The company usually works on it because it’s one of the popular games of the company with a huge fanbase.

So we can guess It’s really quite probable that players won’t see any remastered editions in the racing series game any time soon. However there some fans create a concept for the Midnight Club remake that shows the game is built using Unreal Engine 5 with more dynamic graphics.

But is just fan made video concept its does not confirm that there will be Midnight Club 5 in future and Rockstar Games also confirm anything about it. We will update here if there is new any information added to it.

This is the sum up of this MidNight Club 5 guide for more information do read our User Guides or News for more helpful information.

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