How To Make a Potion of Weakness?

This is an ultimate guide based on how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft without having a hassle.

In Minecraft, the potion is one of the essential elements of the game. The potion of weakness has its pros and cons as well. One of the potion’s weaknesses pro is you can cure the villagers which are affected by the zombies.

The con is with the potion of weakness your melee weapons will not work with their optimum potential the damage will be lower than the potion of weakness.

Where a potion of weakness is available in Minecraft?

You can find the potion of weakness from the creative menu. In the creative menu, the potion of weakness is present at three slots below steel and flint. If you are facing difficulty locating the potion of weakness it will be next to the potion of strengths and potion of decay.

When you click on any of the potions, a window pops up with the potion name and some description so you can click on the random potion and find any potion in the future as well.

Which ingredients are required to make the potion of weakness?

To make the potion of weakness there are a total of five ingredients required.

  • Fermented spiders eye
  • Water bottle
  • Brewing stand
  • Blaze powder
  • Crafting table

The ingredients are not hard to find like some rare ingredients. The ingredients will be easily available.

Also to make a potion of weakness is not very hard once you find all five ingredients. Other points we would like to mention, to make the potion of weakness you will require a bottle and water. Without water and a bottle, it is not possible to make the potion of weakness.

How to make the potion of weakness:

To make the potion the first thing required is a brewing stand, if you have the brewing stand open the brewing stand. In the brewing stand UI,

  • Now you need to Place the water bottle in one of the last boxes.
  • In the top left slot palace the blaze powder and in the top fermented spider’s eye.

Now the blaze powder will help to fuel this and after some period the mix will brew. The mix will turn into a potion of weakness in the bottle.

How to find the bottle in Minecraft?

The bottle will not be available in Minecraft. To make the bottle first you have to borrow some sand and have to smelt it to get the glass out of it. The glass you get will help you to make the bottle out of it.

The other thing you will need before making a potion is the brewing stand and blaze powder. To do this first have to find the nether fortress and find the blaze rod. Once you found the nether fortress it’s not so hard to find the blaze rod.

Once you get all this now follow these steps in the crafting menu. In the crafting menu, there will be a 3×3 matrix available. You have to locate the different recipe items in order to make a potion of weakness.

How to make a fermented spider’s eye?

To make the fermented spider’s eye you will require brown mushroom, sugar and spider’s eye.

The brown mushroom will be available in the dark oak forest and in the caves and nether. The easiest way is to find it in the dark oat forest because you will easily navigate yourself to the mushroom and in the caves, you have to do some extra work till you get the mushroom and use whichever method you are comfortable with.

Now the other thing you will require is sugarcane. The sugarcane is not hard. First, find the river near you. On the riverside, you will easily find sugarcane. The thing with sugarcane is they grow in dirt and sand. So keep your sword in your ready and start digging in it. There will also be spiders available. As you see the spider gets the spider’s eye.

First, you will make sugar out of sugarcane to make the fermented spider eye.

Open the crafting menu. Place the sugar can in one of the crafting boxes. Now sugar is ready.

To make the fermented spider’s eye now open the crafting menu again, place the sugar, spider eye and brown mushroom in any of the boxes. The fermented spider’s eye is ready.

how to make splash potion of weakness
how to make a potion of weakness

How To Craft the Brewing Stand?

To craft the brewing stand first you will need to blaze to fuel the brewing stand. Blaze will be available at the nether fortress. Carry the blaze rod as many as you can from the nether fortress.

1. Now carry some of the cobblestones because a minimum of three cobblestones is required to make the cobblestone.

2. Now place the three cobblestone and blaze rods in the 3×3 matrix in the crafting menu. Now place the three cobblestones in the bottom row. In the centre of the matrix place the blaze rod.

3. When all things are ready the brewing stand will appear in a small box. As if you collected the other blaze rod from the nether fortress. Now turn the blaze rod in the blaze powder.

4. Now to make the glass, first dig out some sand. Now smelt the sand in the furnace, make a minimum of three glasses from there.

5. To make the bottle out of glass. You need to go to the crafting menu first. Now you have to place the glass in the crafting menu such that it looks like a shape.

6. First place one glass in the centre of this row. The other two glasses will be in the first box of the second row and the third box of the second box. Now the bottles are ready to use. Fill the bottles with water.

7. Now all things are complete as mentioned earlier first place the water bottle at the bottom of the brewing stand and blaze powder on the top of the brewing powder. Place the fermented spider’s eye on the top of the brewing stand.

A potion weakness is ready in a few seconds. As a reward, you will receive the three portions of the weakness. The potion of weakness will work for one minute and thirty seconds. To extend the time you will need is the Redstone. Place the Redstone in the brewing stand.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft with complete information.

How do you make a Potion of weakness in 3 minutes?

You’ll need 1 Potion of Weakness (4:00) and 1 gunpowder to make a Splash Potion of Weakness (4:00/3:00). In the Brewing Stand menu, place the Potion of Weakness (4:00) in one of the bottom boxes. Then, in the top compartment, put the gunpowder.

How do you make potions stronger?

Brewing redstone with a potion will increase the life of that potion, whereas brewing glowstone with one will make it stronger (a healing potion, for example, will heal more).

How do you make a Potion of weakness without a nether wart?

The only potion that can be manufactured without nether warts is the potion of weakness, which may be made by simply adding a fermenting spider eye to a water bottle.

This is the end of this short guide.

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