How To Unlock & Upgrade Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors

In the DLC expansion pack Legacy of the Moonspell has been added in Vampire Survivors. Lots of new weapons and new characters were added to the game. You can now purchase and play Vampire Survivors’ new expansion to explore and collect all new characters and weapons that are added to the game.

One of the item in Vampire Survivors is Mirage Robe. Here we cover all information on how to unlock and upgrade Mirage Robe to J’Odore in VS so you don’t have to waste your time without any further ado get to check the guide.

How To Unlock Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors?

Well in order to get the Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors firstly you need to unlock Babi-Onna because the Mirage Robe is her default weapon. To unlock Babi-Onna you need to upgrade the Summon Night to  Echo Night.

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Once you successfully unlocked the Babi-Onna make sure to survive with her for least 15 to 20 minutes in the game. Then you will unlock the Mirage Robe for the Babi-Onna.

How To Upgrade Mirage Robe To J’Odore in Vampire Survivors?

To upgrade Mirage Robe to J’ Odore you need to reach Mirage Robe to level 8 and Attractorb Item to Level 5. Once you reach the levels McCoy-Oni character in VS will automatically unlocked who owns the 108 Bocce weapon.

What is Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors?

The Mirage Robe is weapon in Vampire Survivors this robe creates a mirage that surround the character that resembles like image of the character and it also freezes the enemies. The Mirage Robe has 8 Levels at max and it has 40+ damage, +4.0 seconds of effect and 60 percent chance to exploration.

This is sum up for this guide for more similar content such as see the final fireworks or weapon combos and more do refer to our Vampire Survivors guide section.

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