FGO Tier List: All Servants Ranked (2024)

Looking for the best characters to join your party in the Fate Grand Order? Well, you can get the strongest to weakest characters from our Fate Grand Order Tier List without having hassle. We have arranged this tier list based on the character’s survival rate, damage out and versatility.

In this guide, we have ranked the FGO Characters from strongest to weakest characters in S Tier to D Tier. Moreover, we keep updating this tier list along with new patches so we recommend you to bookmark this web page.

Fate Grand Order (FGO) – Quick Introduction

The Fate Grand Order is an RPG game for mobile phones, basically, this game is inspired by the Japanese novel called Fate/Stay Night. You can download FGO for iOS on Apple Store and for Android on Google Play Store.

In this game, you need to gather some of the best hero spirits into your party. Send them for the fight against the opponents who wiped out the humans you can learn more about the gameplay of FGO on its official website.

FGO Tier List

Fate/Grand Order Tier List

Here the list of the FGO servants with class and rarity to perform.

S-Tier servants

S Tier:

This tier has all the high-class servants that you can pick for any team and is easily able to win the combat without having a hassle. Basically, the S-Tier servants are the best characters that you can choose from all the above without any second thoughts.

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ServantNP DetailsRarity
Altria (Caster)Support5 Star
Scathach-SkadiSupport5 Star
MerlinSupport5 Star
Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)Support5 Star
Space IshtarAOE5 Star
Arjuna (Alter)AOE5 Star
Sima Yi (Reines)Support5 Star
KamaST5 Star
Tamamo-no-MaeSupport5 Star
A-Tier servants


These are all the below strongest characters in the FGO game.

ServantsNP DetailsRarity
Super OrionAOE5 Star
Leonardo da Vinci (Rider)AOE5 Star
EnkiduST5 Star
Altria Pendragon (Archer)ST5 Star
HimikoSupport5 Star
Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer)AOE5 Star
DioscuriST5 Star
Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)AOE5 Star
Beni-EnmaST5 Star
Qin Shi HuangSupport5 Star
SitonaiST5 Star
Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)AOE5 Star
AchillesAOE5 Star
OzymandiasST5 Star
MeltryllisST5 Star
QuetzalcoatlST5 Star
IshtarAOE5 Star
Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)ST5 Star
Sessyoin KiaraAOE5 Star
Miyamoto MusashiST5 Star
Cu Chulainn (Alter)ST5 Star
Edmond DantesAOE5 Star
Nero Claudius (Bride)ST5 Star
Nikola TeslaAOE5 Star
Jack the RipperST5 Star
Okita SoujiST5 Star
Vlad IIIST5 Star
GilgameshAOE5 Star
Altria PendragonAOE5 Star
best support servants

B- Tier:

These servants are best to give support and party composition you can pick them into the team for additional support.

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ServantsNP DetailsRarity
VoyagerAOE5 Star
Romulus=QuirinusAOE5 Star
Yang GuifeiST5 Star
Murasaki ShikibuAOE5 Star
NapoleonAOE5 Star
Ivan the TerribleAOE5 Star
Katsushika HokusaiAOE5 Star
Caster of the Nightless CityAOE5 Star
Sherlock HolmesSupport5 Star
CleopatraAOE5 Star
Minamoto-no-RaikouAOE5 Star
Leonardo da VinciAOE5 Star
Xuanzang SanzangST5 Star
Shuten-DoujiAOE5 Star
BrynhildST5 Star
MordredAOE5 Star
ScathachST5 Star
Francis DrakeAOE5 Star
Sakata KintokiST5 Star
OdysseusAOE5 Star
Sei ShounagonAOE5 Star
EuropaAOE5 Star
Astolfo (Saber)ST5 Star
Ganesha (Jinako)ST5 Star
BradamanteAOE5 Star
Xiang YuAOE5 Star
BB (Summer)AOE5 Star
Anastasia Nikolaevna RomanovaAOE5 Star
First HassanST5 Star
Hijikata ToshizoST5 Star
Nero Claudius (Caster)AOE5 Star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)ST5 Star
Ryougi Shiki (Saber)AOE5 Star
Mysterious Heroine XST5 Star
KarnaAOE5 Star
OrionST5 Star
Jeanne d’ArcSupport5 Star
fgo servants tier list


All the C-Tier, servants have their own fighting style that helps you in combat matches where your opponent doesn’t know anything about the servants you have in your team.

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ServantsNP DetailsRarity
KingproteaAOE5 Star
Li Shuwen (Assassin)ST5 Star
SemiramisAOE5 Star
EreshkigalAOE5 Star
OsakabehimeSupport5 Star
Illyasviel von EinzbernST5 Star
Altria Pendragon (Lancer)AOE5 Star
Altria Pendragon (Rider Alter)ST5 Star
Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer)ST5 Star
IskandarAOE5 Star
AlteraAOE5 Star
SigurdST5 Star
Okita Souji (Alter)AOE5 Star
Abigail WilliamsST5 Star
Archer of ShinjukuST5 Star
Queen MedbST5 Star
NightingaleSupport5 Star
Amakusa ShirouAOE5 Star
ArjunaAOE5 Star
best servants for team


All the servants in the D-Tier can be used if you’re an experienced player and know how to control the servants in the battle. In this case, you can win the combat using some of your own strategies using D-Tier servants.

ServantsNP DetailsRarity
Altria Pendragon (Ruler)AOE5 Star
Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)AOE5 Star
Abigail Williams (Summer)AOE5 Star
Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)AOE5 Star

Type of Servants in Fate/Grand Order (FGO)

There are 8 types of servant families in the FGO game. All the servant families have their own specialties and power.

FGO Servant Classes


The Servants settled in saber class are agile and outstanding melee fighters adept at swordsmanship, flourishing with high grades in all levels, and they are usually heroes from the Age of Gods. While magecraft was still conventional. Moreover, this is the class that expects the highest levels of characteristics in all but the Magic quality.


Archer, Knight of the Bow is the 3 Knight Classes between the seven standard Servant classes assembled for the Holy Grail War. Servants situated within this Class exceed in maintaining strong Noble Phantasms, can serve as highly capable scouts and are usually Heroic Spirits from the Age of Gods. 


Lancer Knight of the Lance is one of the 3 Knight Classes amid the seven standard Servant classes assembled for the Holy Grail War. Servants grouped inside this class, many of which are Heroic Spirits who were knights, are extremely agile, demonstrate best close combat skills, exhibit knowledge in hit-and-run tactics that benefit on range and speed and are experienced with long-range melee weapons such as spears and lances. 


Rider Mounted Knight is one of the 4 Cavalry Classes within the seven standard Servant classes gathered for the Holy Grail War. Servants assigned inside this Class are those recognized for riding mounts, whether living beasts or human constructs, throughout their lives. There are also unusual cases where legendary animals have been convoked as Servants such as Vánagandr and Red Hare. 


Caster, Magus and Heroic Spirit of Spells and Sorcery is one of the 4 Cavalry Classes amidst the seven standard Servant classes assembled for the Holy Grail War. 


Assassin, Silent Killer is also 4 Cavalry Classes amongst the seven standard Servant classes. Inside several Holy Grail War constructions, it is the only approved Heroic Spirits are the 19 Hassan-i-Sabbah due to the derivation of the very word Assassin being attached to them. 


Servants ordered inside this Class are eternally Heroic Spirits who have transpired berserk throughout the conflict at least once in their existence. This feature allows them to use the extraordinary ability Mad Enhancement, which patronizes their consciousness and sanity for a huge energy increase. 

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