FGO Tier List: All Servants Ranked (2022)

FGO Tier List or Fate Grand Order Tier List: Check out the updated servants’ tier list of Fate Grand Order game. This list is generated for the people like yourself to know all the FGO servants according to their specialties in the queue. If you want to win the Fate/ Grand Order (FGO), then you should know all the servants this will make it a lot easier to win the game without having a hassle.

What is Fate Grand Order (FGO)?

It’s a Japanese mobile phone game developed by Delightworks through the Unity platform. The gameplay of FGO is based on the Fate Fanatics and Type-Moon Fate. Released in 2017 worldwide, Type-Moon’s entrance into the gacha/RPG store – to which, it proved favourably. The FGO possesses a remarkable visual-novel style of performing the story and a combat and summoning method that is well used and balanced.

In simple words, the game is focused around the turn based battle, where the player like you plays the Master role to summons and commands powerful familiars known as “Servants” to battle enemies. Each servant in the game has its own scenario that player can experience and explore. Moreover you need a gacha machine to get the servants in the game for the combat.

It’s important for the player to know all about the servants, you can easily know them through this FGO tier list that contains all servants with their rating, class and abilities. Here in this article, we have create a FGO servants tier list that help you to know all about them without hassle.

FGO Tier List

FGO Tier List (Servants):

The Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play mobile game not unlike other games where game meta is always dictated by the latest and rarest units. You can easily have the strongest servants in your team with minimal grinding and currency prices in the game.

You needed the best servants in your team to win the battle against the enemies and as the master of the FGO have to know which servant has a better survival rate compared to other tier servants.

Here you can see yourself how balanced the FGO game is you can easily see 4 to 3 Star units on the higher tiers. This means you can easily survive in the game for a much longer time period even if you use the free resource provided by the game.

Here the list of the FGO servants with class and rarity to perform.

S-Tier servants

S Tier:

This tier has all the high-class servants that you can pick for any team and easily able to win the combat without having a hassle. Basically, the S-Tier servants are the best characters that you can choose from all the above without any second thoughts.

Zhuge LiangCaster5-star
Nikola TeslaArcher5-star
Cu Chulainn (Alter)Berserker5-star
Amakusa ShirouRuler5-star
Chloe von EinzbernArcher4-star
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCaster1-star
A-Tier servants


These all servants can compete with S-Tier servants using the proper setup. If you’re an experienced gamer then you can easily take down high tiers of servants using these servants. Some of the servants in A-Tier are equal to S-Tier servants such as Meltryllis, she can offer multi-class coverage with her Berserker classing and Quick ST NP. Her quick use of steroids can easily boost her performance to win the battle.

Mash KyrielightShielderSpecial
Altria PendragonSaber5-star
Nero ClaudiusSaber5-star
Miyamoto MusashiSaber5-star
Jeanne d’ArcArcher5-star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)Avenger5-star
Sakata KintokiBerserker5-star
Katsushika HokusaiForeigner5-star
Edmond DantesAvenger5-star
Okita SoujiSaber5-star
Francis DrakeRider5-star
Helena BlavatskyCaster4-star
Emiya (Alter)Berserker4-star
Ishtar (Alter)Rider4-star
Atalante (Alter)Berserker4-star
Sakamoto RyoumaRider4-star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)Berserker4-star
Hans Christian AndersenCaster2-star
Paracelsus von HohenheimCaster3-star
Gaius Julius CaesarSaber3-star
Robin HoodArcher3-star
Lu Bu FengxianBerserker3-star
Okado IzoAssassin3-star
Paul BunyanBerserker1-star
Antonio SalieriAvenger3-star

For the team match you can easily go for the A-Tier servants for  toe-to-toe battle with higher tiers. All you need is proper setup of the servant and complete control over his actions in the combat.

Moreover, they are Superior within their own Class or among those with a similar level in the game. If you don’t have any rare servants then common servant is worth to upgrade your team performance in these areas (Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming) of the game.

best support servants

B- Tier:

These servants are best to give support and party composition you can pick them into the team for additional support. In terms of performance these servants has excellent battling history in these areas Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming.

However, their strengths cannot able to take down the S-Tier or other higher tiers servants alone. You can easily add them into your team to take advantages in combat in different areas of the game.

Illyasviel von EinzbernCaster5-star
Nero Claudius (Alter)Caster5-star
Sherlock HolmesRuler5-star
Leonardo Da VinciCaster5-star
Xuanzang SanzangCaster5-star
Ivan the TerribleRider5-star
Queen MedbSaber4-star
Caster of MidrashCaster4-star
Caster of OkeanosCaster4-star
Mecha Eli-chanAlter Ego4-star
PassionlipAlter Ego4-star
Oda NobunagaBerserker4-star
Elisabeth BathoryLancer4-star
Gilgamesh (Alter)Caster4-star
Oda NobunagaArcher4-star
Saint MarthaRider4-star
Fionn mac CumhaillLancer4-star
Eric BloodaxeBerserker2-star
Tawara ToutaArcher3-star
Billy the KidArcher3-star
Kid GilgameshArcher3-star
Charles BabbageCaster3-star
Jing KeAssassin3-star
Sasaki KojirouAssassin1-star
Edward TeachRider2-star

Basically, if you all the high tier servants in your team but you still to add more servants then you can easily go for this tier list servants to get some support in close combats in the battle arena.

fgo servants tier list


These are the servants that are slightly falling from the meta in the game save for same of the matches where you can take advantages of these servants. All the C-Tier, servants has their own fighting style that helps you in the combat matches were your opponent don’t know anything about the servants you have in your team.

Vlad IIIBerserker5-star
Amakusa ShirouRuler5-star
Sessyion KiaraAlter Ego5-star
Hijikata ToshizoBerserker5-star
Abigail WilliamsForeigner5-star
Archer of InfernoArcher4-star
Saint MarthaRuler4-star
Suzuka GozenSaber4-star
Nitocris (Alter)Assassin4-star
Avenger of ShinjukuAvenger4-star
Li ShuwenLancer4-star
Marie AntoinetteRider4-star
Chevalier d’EonSaber4-star
Charles-Henri SansonAssassin2-star
Darius IIIBerserker3-star
Henry Jekyll & HydeAssassin3-star
Cu Chulainn (Alter)Caster3-star
Fuuma KotarouAssassin3-star
Rider of RsistanceRider3-star

Well, the C-Tier also has some of the rare servants with 5 Stars along with 2 and 3 Stars. In this list most of the servants are from families of Assassin, Caster and Berserker. Our favorite servant from this list is Vlad III, he is lot similar to the Orion. He fantastic Arts Damage Dealer with influential damage amount and constant performance when the team is formed around him.

best servants for team


This Tier servants are more weakness then the strengths, You cannot win the battle with D-Tier servants alone you need some high tier servants such as Zhuge Liang from S-Tier. All the servants in the D-Tier can be used if you’re an experience player and know how to control the servants in the battle. In this case, you can win the combat using some of your own strategies using D-Tier servants.

Ryougi ShikiSaber5-star
Archer of ShinjukuArcher5-star
Okta Souji (Alter)Alter Ego5-star
Tamamo CatBerserker4-star
Thomas EdisonCaster4-star
Katou DanzoAssassin4-star
Marie Antoinette (Alter)Caster4-star
Helena Blavatsky (Alter)Archer4-star
Assassin of ParaisoAssassin4-star
Gilles de RaisSaber3-star
Musashibou BenkeiLancer2-star
Phantom of the OperaAssassin2-star
Mata HariAssassin1-star
Anra MainiiuAvengerSpecial

In simple words, You only pick these servants when there is no options left. Because this servants never get the glory from themselves. They only helpful in the teamwork so if you’ve some high tier servants in the team you can select one of the D-Tier servant as a backup for the combat.


These are the servants that you should avoid or ignore for the team. If you don’t want to lose the FGO battle for not having the best servant in your team then you should not pick this tier servants in your team. All the servant in this list are weak and not have enough strength for battle or the support.

Arthur PendragonSaber5-star
Caster of the Nightless CityCaster5-star
Assassin of ShinjukuAssassin4-star
Medusa (Alter)Lancer4-star
Gilles de Rais (Alter)Caster3-star

Pick these servants as the last resort or you like the design of the servant but they are outclassed compare to all the above given tiers.

FGO Game Mechanics Explained

The Fate/Grand Order is an turn based  tactical RPG game where you are the master through the complete journey. You are the commander of the unit called servants and your servant will battle as you command. so you’re liable for optimal party composition and superior strategies to obliterate enemy waves.

In game you’ve have 6 units for the battle (3 active and 3 reserves) You are provided 5 command cards at the origin of each turn and may practice 3 of them to strike. The command cards are established on your units in a fight and are only changed at each turn. Your Servants likewise have unique skills that can polish the party’s abilities or weaken the enemies before you begin your commands.

Moreover, the glory of the battle is depends on the player strategies along with how well your servants teamwork with other servants.

Type of Servants in Fate/Grand Order (FGO)

There are 8 types of the servant families in the FGO game. These all the servant families have their own specialties and power.

FGO Servant Classes


The Servants settled in saber class are agile and outstanding melee fighters adept at swordsmanship, flourishing high grades in all levels, and they are usually heroes from the Age of Gods. While magecraft was still conventional. Moreover, this is the class that expects the highest levels of characteristics in all but the Magic quality.

In terms of Saber Class Skills, the official theory is that the Saber Class is the best of the seven classes and the strongest of the Servants, Most of the players spoke to have got it to the ultimate battle in the first four Fuyuki wars with the Saber Servants. They will ordinarily have an amazing influence over Caster-class Servants who use magecraft as their main attacking strength.


Archer, Knight of the Bow is the 3 Knight Classes between the seven standard Servant classes assembled for the Holy Grail War. Servants situated within this Class exceed in maintaining strong Noble Phantasms, can serve as highly capable scouts and are usually Heroic Spirits from the Age of Gods. 

when magecraft was yet commonplace. The approved status for the Heroic Spirits is not assigned, however optionally the possession of supreme projectile weapons or unique skills associated with projectile weapons. They hold high Magic Resistance as a Class Skill, The modern magi are powerless to wreak damage to them. They also maintain Independent Action, enabling them the powers to function independently for a length of time outwardly an active supply of magical force. 


Lancer Knight of the Lance is one of the 3 Knight Classes amid the seven standard Servant classes assembled for the Holy Grail War. Servants grouped inside this class, many of which are Heroic Spirits who were knights, are extremely agile, demonstrate best close combat skills, exhibit knowledge in hit-and-run tactics that benefit on range and speed and are experienced with long-range melee weapons such as spears and lances. 


Rider Mounted Knight is one of the 4 Cavalry Classes within the seven standard Servant classes gathered for the Holy Grail War. Servants assigned inside this Class are those recognized for riding mounts, whether living beasts or human constructs, throughout their lives. There are also unusual cases where legendary animals have been convoked as Servants such as Vánagandr and Red Hare. 


Caster, Magus and Heroic Spirit of Spells and Sorcery is one of the 4 Cavalry Classes amidst the seven standard Servant classes assembled for the Holy Grail War. 

Servants assigned within this Class are habitually adept in magecraft, and the unique qualifying circumstance is the mastery of sorceries of the most leading caliber matched to the specific parameter specifications of the other classes. Due to not lacking any strong statistics, they frequently have low combat abilities, and due to the bulk of Servants having unusual form of Magic Resistance.


Assassin, Silent Killer is also 4 Cavalry Classes amongst the seven standard Servant classes. Inside several Holy Grail War constructions, it is the only approved Heroic Spirits are the 19 Hassan-i-Sabbah due to the derivation of the very word Assassin being attached to them. 

In the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, is declared to be fixed in the system itself that Hassan will forever be summoned, though there is a miniature chance, so low as to be deemed nonexistent, that different will answer the call. The presence of Sasaki Kojiro is an irregularity inside that system due to his weird circumstances. 


Servants ordered inside this Class are eternally Heroic Spirits who have transpired berserk throughout the conflict at least once in their existence. 

This feature allows them to use the extraordinary ability Mad Enhancement, which patronizes their consciousness and sanity for a huge energy increase. 

This Class is typically for magi who have summoned Heroic Spirits with inadequate abilities and characteristics, empowering them to grow their Servants to make up for their lower qualities and compete upon more powerful enemies. 

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Final Words:

These are some of the best FGO servants that you can use with your team to get the glory. Moreover, the Fate/Grand Order is an novel based combat RGP game it has outstanding graphics and 3D animation that makes this video game more awesome. In case if you’ve any question regarding any Servant of FGO use the comment box to ask we always here to help our readers.