Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To TV: How To Fix (2022)

Your Nintendo Switch not connecting to TV, Here are some of the workings troubleshoot that you can apply in order to resolve the issue without having a hassle.

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming device that was released in 2017 by Nintendo. The device is hybrid, this means you can play through its device and also connect to other portable devices with it. Nintendo has wireless joy-con controllers and analog sticks can also attach the side handles to the tablets to get a handheld gaming experience with Nintendo.

As mentioned the Nintendo is a hybrid device you can connect with other devices such as TV with means of cables. The process is not complex to fix the wires but sometimes what happens is the user fixes the wires with each other, so the device could work on the TV, also some of the users use different cables than the HDMI cables and that leads to failures in the supply network and device not load in the tv. Here we are to help you with all those issues.

Follow mentioned points to connect the device and some suggestions you should follow to use the device effectively with another device.

If you are not able to connect the Nintendo with tv then follow these steps or check if the cables are connected in the same manner.

First, let me tell you why it’s not working.

  • If the cables are connected on the wrong orders.
  • Using wrong cable input in the tv
Nintendo switch not connecting to tv
Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To TV

Working Solution:

The most common reason for not supporting tv to Nintendo is the cable. To connect with each other you will need two different types of cables for that. The first is a USB C type switch AC adapter cable and the other one is a standard HDMI 1.4b cable.

When you make a purchase of the switch these accessories will come with that in a new addition, so if you do not need to add the other brand’s cable with that and if you are using other cables then stop it will cost high damage to your switch.

Not Connecting HDMI Cable Properly

Sometimes what happens while connecting cables is we accidentally connect the wrong cables to avoid these problems. You have to put the cables in order to get the expected results out of that. Suppose if you added the HDMI cable in the wrong input, for you added the HDMI cables in the TV but the device will not recognize it and show eros like please insert the HDMI cables in it.

If you are facing the same issues as that follow the mentioned order:

  • Remove the nintendo switch from the port.
  • Now you need to add the USB C switch adapter in the port, the AC Adapter will be mentioned on it. Check the name and attach to it.
  • After that, put the other end of the AC Adapter in the wall outlet.
  • Insert the one end of the HDMI 1.4b cable into port named HDMI OUT
  • At last put the other end of the HDMI cable in the Tv as mentioned on the TV connection.

Now if you haven’t done any cable in the wrong plug then your system will work as you start the device. If the device does not work with the same cable connection then your HDMI or USB C might not work.

You should change the cables just to check they work fine. Most importantly if your TV is still blank and the connections are all set, move the HDMI cable to another port. Double-check before jumping to any final conclusion.

At last, we would like to mention that. This process will only work with the Nintendo switch if you have the Nintendo switch lite and any of the mentioned methods will not work.  Nintendo switch lite has no such option of connecting it with TV.

The lite version of the Nintendo is not designed to connect with tv you have to jump to another version or have to use it as it is. Furthermore, if you have the Nintendo switch and still not working stop using the third part wires and cables.

switch dock not connecting to tv

The Connector Port Has Been Broken

If any of your port connectors are broken such that they cannot bear the load and not exchange from each other due to connectivity issues. The results will not show up on the screen.

While closing the dock cover accidentally the wire was pulled out, so the wire is not inserted and will show the results on the blank screen.

Sometimes what happens is the device is not able to consume the power so if the wire is connected it still shows the blank screen. In that case, you can remove all the plugs and after a couple of minutes insert the same pins in the correct order. Now the new connection is ok the screen will pop up with login activity.

If this process is still not working, first change the cables and the new cables still not work change the device of connection. Try this same order of wires in the different TV. Sometimes due to issues with the TV, the exchange is not possible so try the switch to another TV.

If that also does not work, then call the contact support of Nintendo. The support team will help you with all that process. The support team surely solves all the issues regarding it and if still, that doesn’t work the support team will explain the further steps to take on your Nintendo. As the problems can be solvable from the service center and if the tv is not working then call the customer support of the Tv.

Finally, we like to mention the most important thing after the connection is that the electricity supply is working on your home and you don’t forget to switch on after the cables are connected correctly. While making a connection with the wire please make sure the power supply is off so you can avoid any consequences. And you are not trying to connect the Nintendo switch lite to tv this will not support this system.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To TV with complete information.

Why isn’t my Nintendo Switch hooking up to my TV?

There are multiple reasons why Nintendo Switch is not connecting to TV. Such as if don’t connect HDMI Cable properly into the dock. Else you’re trying to connect HDMI cables into the wrong slot. We recommend you to lookup for the cable connections along with the slots and simply unplug and replug the cables to resolve the issue.

Nintendo Switch not connecting to the dock?

Unplug the HDMI cable as well as the power cord from the Switch Dock. You’ll have to wait 30-40 seconds now. Try power cycling your television and Nintendo Switch at the same time. After the time has passed, reconnect all of the devices and turn them on.

Nintendo Switch won’t connect to Samsung tv?

If you’re Nintendo Switch is not connecting to your Samsung TV. In this case, the most common issue is your Samsung TV is not supported or changed to the HDMI port. You can fix this by simply, confirming the port of Switch has been connected to the TV and then confirming the TV port is connected to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch dock not charging?

Make sure all cords are firmly attached to your Dock, TV, and outlets by unplugging and replugging them. If that doesn’t work, the dock may have been damaged and will need to be repaired. For the time being, charge your Switch directly using the cord.

This is the end of the short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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