Elden Ring: Why Does Blaidd Attack You?

In general, Elden Ring is an open-world action/RPG. You create a unique character and then embark on an adventure, defeating a variety of ordinary opponents as well as scary bosses.

After finishing the Ranni quest, you must return to Ranni’s Rise to meet with Blaidd for the last time. Blaidd, unfortunately for them, is out for blood this time, and gamers will have to combat him. Fighting is the only choice since there is no other way to reason with him.

Blaidd is a half-man, half-wolf NPC in FromSoftware’s epic. He’s a part of one of the game’s primary quests, has aided gamers in defeating one of the game’s big bosses, and has enraged the furry community.

why does blaidd attack you

Who is Blaidd in Elden’s ring?

After speaking with Kalé, the Tarnished first sees Blaidd at the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave, where he learns of the half-whereabouts wolf’s and how to call him. The half-wolf is annoyed at Kale for informing a stranger how to summon him, but he nonetheless introduces himself to the Tarnished.

He informs them that he is on the lookout for Darriwil, a Bloodhound Knight who he heard was hidden somewhere in the vicinity. The half-wolf offers the Tarnished a prize if he can locate any information that leads to Darriwil, whom he angrily refers to as a traitor who deserves a proper send-off. 

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Blaidd, along with Michelle and Melania, was created by Ranni’s own Two Fingers as a vassal to Lunar Princess Ranni and incapable of treachery towards her, as she was one of the three Empyreans candidates chosen by the Greater Will to eventually replace their mother Queen Marika the Eternal as the God of a new age.

However, the Two Fingers also implanted a safeguard in Blaidd that he was unaware of: if Ranni ever refused to accept the Greater Will’s destiny and rebelled against it, the faithful shadow would progressively spiral into madness, posing a threat to Ranni herself.

How to complete Blaidd’s quest?

The Mistwood Ruins are found in the Mistwood, on the east side of Limgrave’s main landmass, approximately southwest of the tiny Erdtree there. You’ll hear a mystery wailing if you wander about there. There are lots of wolves in the area. But that particular wail belongs to our boy.

Return to the Church of Elleh, which is close to where you started at the First Step grace site. Kalé, speak with the Santa-like vendor. Now return to Mistwood Ruins and look up to see the Half-Wolf sleeping at the highest point of the building.

By equipping the Finger Snap gesture in one of the gesture slots in your main menu, you may stand underneath him and utilize it. Blaidd will come down and introduce himself to you. And don’t worry, he’s not as frightening as he appears.

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You can summon Blaidd to aid you in your struggle against Bloodhound Knight Darriwil at the evergaol. If you’re still early in your trip through The Lands Between, this fight may be difficult; there’s no harm in leveling up and returning later. If you have access to tools or spells that deal with fire or lightning, it can aid, as his resistance to these elements is poor.

After the fight, Blaidd will thank you for your assistance with his quest by giving you some important smithing stones and advising you to meet his friend Iji. If you haven’t yet progressed past Stormveil Castle, this is where you’ll need to take a break from Blaidd to make some plot advancement.

The enormous blacksmith Iji dwells in northern Liurnia, on the western coast of the lake, at a spot of elegance known as the Road to the Manor. By informing him you were sent by Blaidd, you’ll be able to purchase the Carian Filigreed Crest, a talisman that lowers the FP cost of your weapon abilities by 25%. Blaidd, thank you!

Blaidd will appear in Ranni’s plot the following few times you see him. After completing Caria Manor in northern Liurnia, you’ll run across Blaidd at Ranni’s Rise, then underground in the Siofra River Well, and at Redmane Castle after fighting General Radahn.

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Blaidd instructs you to meet him where the meteor landed now that Radahn is dead, but if you just follow Ranni’s mission and go underground to the everlasting city, you won’t encounter the Half-Wolf until the very end.

You can find out if you return to Iji. Blaidd was entrusted to Ranni to be her shadow and to follow her in everything, according to the giant, but with Ranni’s path veering from the Greater Will, Blaidd is bound to become insane. That provides important context for what follows.

Why does Blaidd become hostile?

If you tried to kill the Blaidd earlier, or if you’ve been pursuing Ranni’s questline, the Blaidd will turn hostile. If you try to beat them first, most NPCs will attack you. So next time you are thinking why does Blaidd attack you, it is only because you attack him first.

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