How to get S Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky | Guide

Wondering how you can get the S Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky. Finding the S-Class Freighter is one of the difficult tasks because of it’s one of the rare items in the game.

Here we cover all information that helps you to know how you can get S class Freighter without having much hassle.

No Man’s Sky is open world action-adventure game in which you can explore, trade, fight and do much more. Millions of galaxies were available in the game where you can travel and explore them. There are lots of different types of ships available in the game that you encounter when you travel through the galaxy.

The Freighter is one of these Ships in the No Man’s Sky game. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

no mans sky freighter s class

How To Get S Class Freighter In No Man’s Sky

The S Class Freighter is one of the rare ships in the game and finding it won’t be easy for players. However, if you travel through different galaxies you may encounter S Class Freighters. Most importantly the smallest Freighter is cost you around 5 or 10 million units and the big freighter can cost you more than 100k million units. So recommend you gather nearly 150 million or more units for purchasing S Class Freighter.

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Once you have the number of units and are ready to find the S Class Freighter we recommend you need to install the Economy Scanner into your ship.

More importantly, you must have a ship that has race and is wealthy this will increase your chances of encountering the S Class Freighter.

Once you find Freighter go to the system and then go to the Space Station. Make sure you go out from your ship and re-enter into it to create a checkpoint or the auto-save. After defeating all the enemies in the area and once the blue light start appearing on the deck of the freighter you can enter into it and scan if it’s an S Class Freighter or not.

If it is not then you can reload to the autosave and head back to the Space Station using the menu option. But if you find the S-Class Freighter then below are the steps you need to follow in order to purchase it.

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Purchase S Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Once you find the S Class Freighter these are the steps you need to follow to purchase it.

  1. Go to the area of the Captain of the ship.
  2. After that interact with Captain and a window will pop up on your screen.
  3. The window has the option to purchase the Ship.
  4. Click on the option and you will have the S Class Freighter.

This is the end of the S Class Freighter guide for more helpful content do read our User Guides section to find out more helpful information about various video games.

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