Philanemo Mushroom Locations & Farming Route | Genshin Impact

Philanemo Mushrooms are used as the Ascension material to upgrade Barbara, Klee and Mona and you can also use it to craft Anemo Treasure Compass which was used to locate the hidden treasure chests in Mondstadt.

Here we featured a guide that helps you to know all the locations of the Philanemo Mushroom in the Mondstadt along with the farming routes in Genshin Impact. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Location Philanemo Mushroom
Philanemo Mushroom

Where to find Philanemo Mushroom in Genshin Impact

There are a few locations where you can find the Philanemo Mushroom such as Mondstadt, Springvale, and Dawn Winery. However, finding them is not hard as other materials such as Sakura Bloom because they are big in size and mostly found on the top of the building.

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More importantly, you can also get five Philanemo Mushrooms from the Chloris but three days’ time also applied there. However, there are some special regions in the Genshin Impact where these Mushrooms respawn in two days.

Philanemo Mushroom: Genshin Impact Interactive Map

This is an interactive map that shows there are a total of 56 Philanemo Mushrooms in the Genshin Impact in the Mondastadt, Springvale and Dawn Winery. Most importantly most of the mushrooms you will find Mondastadt. This interactive map credit goes to

How To Farm the Philanemo Mushroom in the Genshin Impact

Mainly more than 50 percent of the Phianemo Mushroom is available in Mondastadt which means you cannot find Philanemo Mushrooms not enough in Mondastadt compare to the Springvale and Dawn Winery.

So teleport yourself to the Knights of Favonius waypoint and then start your search for Philanemo Mushroom to the south direction to the city gates and few are available at the northeastern of the city.

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This is the end of the Philanemo Mushroom locations and farming route guide for more helpful content do read our Genshin Impact guides such as Naku Weed locations and more.

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