Warframe How to Unlock Zariman

Angels of Zariman is one of the longest and solo-only quests of Warframe. In Warframe, the quest is only accessible when you complete the previous storyline mission.

For Angels of Zariman, first, you have to complete the mission, The New War, Warframe. After that, you can continue in your Warframe journey. 

If you are an active Tenno of Warframe then it might not be that challenging for you to unlock the Zariman Quest. But, if you are inactive, you must complete all the pending challenges to activate the Angles of Zariman. 

To Unlock the Angles of Zariman, follow this guide:

How to Unlock Zariman?

Unlock Zariman Warframe
warframe how to unlock zariman

If you are an inactive user and don’t know how to unlock the Zariman mission, we have here listed the quest down here after the Second Dream. 

  • The War Within
  • Mask of Revenant
  • Chain of Harrow
  • Apostasy Prologue
  • The Sacrifice
  • Rising Tide
  • Call of Tempestraii
  • Chimera Prologue
  • The New War
  • Angels of Zariman
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As you can see here, after the second dream, this is the mission you need to complete to unlock the Angels of Zariman in Warframe. If you are an active user, you must complete The New War and begin with the Angels of Zariman from Codex. 

Warframe Angels of Zariman: Walkthrough

Now, you need to complete the Angeld of Zariman mission. Head to the Codex, and select the Begin Codex from the Quest Menu. three will be some cinematic shorts and you are ready to go. 

 You have to complete the following stages to complete the Zariman Warframe:

  • Find the Song’s Source
  • Stop the Void Cascade
  • Talk to Quinn
  • Stop the Void Flood
  • Void Flood Debrief
  • Protect the Reliquary Drive 
  • Retrieve Quinn’s Tablet

Angels of Zariman: Rewards

As you complete the Angels of Zariman mission, you will be rewarded too. You will get the listed rewards after completing Angels of Zariman

  • Voidplume Pinion
  • Operator Voidshell Set
  • Drifter Voidshell Set 
  • Access to Dormizone
  • Access to Holdfast’s Syndicate
  • Access to Chrysalith Bounties
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First, complete The New War mission and then access the Angels of Zariman from the Codec, with begin quest option. As you launch the Zariman Warframe, you have to complete several last which will give you rewards. As you complete that you will have access to the new mission The Duviri Paradox

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