Pokemon Go Battle League Rewards Season 15

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Pokemon Go Season 15
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Pokemon Go Season 15: Everything You Need To Know

Season 15 is one of the GO Battle League, known as GO Battle League: Hidden Gems, takes place from June 1st, 2023 to September 1st, 2023. It follows Season 14 and will be followed by Season 16.

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This season of GO Battle League coincides with Hidden Gems.

What rewards can be obtained from the Pokemon GO Battle League?

Now let’s unveil, what are the rewards that we can get in Go Battle League of Season 15.

Gamers from all over the world can get extra rewards for participating in PVP battles during the event.

These rewards consist of Stardust, Rare Candy, and a special research task related to battles, and avatar items inspired by Clay.

So, now let us know how can we can get this reward through events.

Rewards for the League in the Pokémon GO Season of Hidden Gems GO Battle

During the duration of the GO Battle League season, the players have the opportunity to earn experience points for every set of five matches.

The player’s journey starts at Level 5 and continues until Level 20, with each rank you will unlock new Rewards and get to meet different Pokémon.

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Provided below are the few rewards for both rank advancements and regular participation in the GO Battle League in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Battle League: Guaranteed Rank-up Encounters

  • Level 1: ExcadrillLevel 6: SkwovetAce Rank (2,000 Rating): Axew
  • Veteran Rank (2,500 Rating): Gible
  • Expert Rank (2,750 Rating): Goomy
  • Legend Rank (3,000 Rating): Pikachu Libre

Pokémon GO Battle League: Standard Encounters

  • Level 1: Gligar, Marill, Meditite, Nosepass and Wingull
  • Level 6: Frillish and Spheal
  • Level 11: Lickitung, Mareanie, Onix, Phantump, and Wobbuffet
  • Level 16: Falinks, Scraggy, and Wooloo
  • Level 20: 5-Star Raid Boss
  • Ace Rank (2,000 Rating): Axew
  • Veteran Rank (2,500 Rating): Gible
  • Expert Rank (2,750 Rating): Goomy

After you move up in ranks, you will encounter different types of Pokemon in both the Rank-up and regular GO Battle League matches.

When you reach Level 19, you’ll also get a special item called Elite Fast TM and Elite Charged TM as extra rewards for your favourite Avatar.

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These rewards are inspired by Clay, who is the leader of Driftveil Gym and is only available for a shorter duration.

  • Ace Rank: Clay-style Hat and Shoes
  • Veteran Rank: Clay-style Pants
  • Expert Rank: Clay-style Shirt
  • Legend Rank: Clay-style Pose

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