Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket Guide

Lately, Pokemon Go players have been encountering an issue in the Shop below the Uncategorized section. A Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket has been randomly appearing and disappearing in the past few months. The issue has been fixed for now.

The first instance of a Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket popping up on the shop was in April 2023. As for the most recent case, it occurred just before the beginning of the 7th Anniversary Party Event. The pass was also mentioned in the speculated 0.269.0 APK breakdown by PokemonHub.

Curious to know what is, or rather, what happened to the Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket? Read on to find out.

What is the Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket?

Initially, the description for the ticket was one of the most hilarious sort. The timeline mentioned in the headline was July 6 to July 12, a part of the 7th Anniversary Party Event, but the description read that it will unlock the Starry Skies Special Research that occurred in June. A picture of the ticket can be found here.

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Next, the Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket read:-

Timed Research

For US$2.00, you’ll be able to access event-exclusive Timed Research.*

Complete the event-themed research tasks, such as hatching seven Eggs or evolving seven Pokémon, to receive the following.

  • 1× Incubator
  • 1× Super Incubator
  • 1× Premium Battle Pass
  • 1× Lucky Egg
  • 1 x Rocket Radar
  • 1 x Star Piece
  • 1 x Incense
  • 77,777 XP
  • An encounter with Pikachu wearing a party hat

Source: Reddit

What happened to the Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket?

The common belief is that the Pokemon Go Evergreen Ticket was renamed to the 7th Anniversary Party Timed Research Ticket. Supporting the fact is that the rewards for both timed researches are the same. The ticket is available in the store till July 11, 2023, expiring at 8 PM LT. Tasks need to be completed and rewards shall be collected before 8 PM LT on July 12. or else they will disappear.

Read this guide for a full breakdown of missions for the 7th Anniversary Party Timed Research. Additionally, get to know more about the Masterwork Research that leads to a Shiny Mew encounter.

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