Ice-Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

The Ice-type Pokemon can be tough opponents for trainers to defeat. They have powerful Ice-based moves that can chill your Pokemon in no time. Legendary Ice-type Pokemon are stone-cold destroyers. 

Ice-type Pokemon can be countered and have their own weaknesses that can be exploited. In this article, I will explain all Ice Type Pokemon and their weaknesses.

Ice Type Pokemon Weakness
ice type weakness

What are Ice-Type Pokemon?

Ice-Type Pokemon have many blue and white colors in their designs, resembling icy surfaces. Ice-Type Pokemon have the least resistance than other Pokemon.

They are immune to freezing, damage from hail, and single-hit KO moves. They received Gen9, and their Defense stat increased by 50% while the snow was active, which made them harder to deal with.

Ice-Type Pokemon Weaknesses

All Ice-Type Pokemon are weak against Fighting, Steel-type, Fire, and Rock moves. Many Ice-types have dual-typing, with water and Ground being among the most common.

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Ice-Type Pokemon Resistances

Ice-Type Pokemon has only one resistance Ice. The battle between two Ice-type Pokemon is not bad as long as you take advantage of a second type to create an edge. Aside from resistance, Ice-type attacks are super-effective against Flying, Grass, Dragon, and Ground-type Pokemon. 

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