How To Get Turtonator in Pokemon Go? Raid Guide, Stats and Weaknesses

Turtonator is the latest debutant in Pokemon Go. Introduced alongside the Mega version of Sableye, the Generation 7 Pokemon is up for the taking in the ongoing Dark Flames Event. Trainers can also encounter a Shiny Turtonator – the outline of the shell/shield on the Turtanator’s back is brown and he has shiny light blue skin.

Turtonator in Pokemon Go uses its spiky shell to reduce incoming damage. Only the tail, limbs, and head are visible under its usual muted green skin. A memorable part of the Pokemon Sun & Moon series, Kiawe used Turtonator’s Z move, Inferno Overdrive, to defeat three Team Rocket grunts. Unfortunately, the moveset isn’t available in Pokemon Go.

How to get Turtonator in Pokemon Go?

pokemon go turtonator raid
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Turtonator is available from June 29 to July 2. It doesn’t spawn in the wild, making it a bit difficult for trainers who are aiming to obtain Candies and make them more powerful. There are two ways to obtain the rare Fire/Dragon-type in Pokemon Go.

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Raid Battles

Amidst the rotation of Heatran and Shadow Articuno in the five-star Raid spot, Turtonator is available as a three-star raid in Pokemon Go. Raid Boss Turtonator has 16379 CP. Trainers successful in defeating it could get a Turtonator in the CP range of 1203-1270, besides a Sunny and Windy weather-boosted CP of 1504-1587.

Field Research

Trainers who want to save Raid Battle Passes can use this alternative yet tiresome method. Turtonator appears as an event-exclusive field research reward, particularly during the ‘Win 3 raid battles’ mission. As such, prepare to spin numerous Pokestops to get the mission after clearing your inventory.

The latter route is mostly taken by trainers who already have a Turtonator in Pokemon Go and need to upgrade it. However, the Pokestop tasks keep changing every day and it isn’t guaranteed that the ‘Win 3 Raids’ line will pop up.

Challenging the 3-Star Raid Boss Turtonator is a sure-shot way to catch the ‘Mon, especially if a minimum of three Golden Razz Berries and Nanab Berries are ready for the encounter.

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An experienced group of trainers with multiple Pokemon of above 2500 CP won’t have any problem defeating the Raid Boss Turtonator in Pokemon Go. To make things easier, inflict more damage with the type advantage.

Turtonator Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Turtonator is vulnerable to Dragon, Ground, and Rock moves. Although any Pokemon of that type could critically hit the turtle, below is a list of ‘Mons who are guaranteed to gain the upper hand in Raid Battles or PvP.

PokémonQuick moveMain moveEffective damage
 Kyurem (Black)  Dragon Tail  Outrage100%
 Palkia  Dragon Tail  Draco Meteor93%
 Rayquaza  Dragon Tail  Outrage92%
 Salamence  Dragon Tail  Draco Meteor92%
 Salamence  Dragon Tail  Outrage90%
 Rayquaza  Dragon Tail  Breaking Swipe88%
 Palkia  Dragon Breath  Draco Meteor87%
 Haxorus  Dragon Tail  Dragon Claw87%
 Dragonite  Dragon Tail  Draco Meteor87%
 Kyurem (Black)  Dragon Tail  Stone Edge87%

Turtonator Stats and Movesets in Pokemon Go

Turtonator in Pokemon Go has a max CP of 2513 and HP of 153, with a whopping 165 Attack, 215 Defense, and 155 Stamina. Upgrading it to level 50 isn’t recommended since it is a better alternative for the Great League battles.

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Using the Dragon and Fire type in the ongoing Single Type Cup won’t be possible as it breaks the rule of using only one type. Nonetheless, it can be useful in other events this battle week. A 15/15/15 IV Turtonator is a force to reckon with.

Pokemon Go Turtonator Moveset

Given below is Turtonator’s moveset in Pokemon Go.

Fast Moves: Ember (Fire), Fire Spin (Fire), Incinerate (Fire)

Charged Moves: Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Flamethrower (Fire), Flash Cannon (Steel), Overheat (Fire)

With a DPs of 9.38, trainers usually opt for the Fire Spin-Dragon Pulse combo. The charged move can be substituted by Flash Cannon if maximum damage is to be dealt to Fairy-, Ice-, and Rock-type Pokémon.

This is all for Turtonator in Pokemon Go for more relevant guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.

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