Pokemon Go: How to Beat Mega Swampert in Raid

Another great news for the trainers, now they can capture the Mega Swampert in Pokemon Go. Players need to defeat the Mud Type Mega Swampert in battle. Mega Swampert will battle with you in the Mega Raids and Challenging PvE Battles.

To defeat Mega Swampert Pokemon Go, players can bring a team of two to four players. Trainers need to participate in the event and encounter the Mega Swampert boss in Pokemon Go, let’s find out all about the Mega Swampert Pokemon Go

Mega Swampert Pokemon Raid: All you need to Know

Mega Swampert is a Ground and Water-type of Pokemon that Players can capture by defeating him in a Mega Raid Battle. Mega Raid Battle Event will take place on 1st June 2023 and will run till 15th June 2023. The Raid ain’t gonna be easy, we are talking about the Mega Swampert Pokemon. 

Pokemon Go Mega Swampert
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When Players take part in the Mega Raid Battle trainers can take Grass-type Pokemon with them and also it will be a lot easier if they have mastered the Grass-type attacks. Mega Swampert has one single weakness to the Grass type of Pokemon.

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Don’t even think of the Electric, Rock, Steel, Fire, and Poison-type of Pokemon. Mega Swampert has good resistance to these Pokemon attacks, they won’t stand the Water Gun and Hydro Cannon attack by the Mega Swampert.

To get a brief idea about Mega Swampert’s strength just look at these stats.

  • Attack – 283
  • Defense – 218
  • Stamina – 225

Encounter Mega Swampert with these Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Mega Swampert is already that much stronger and his power will be boosted as Mega Raid Boss. The best tactic will be to bring the best Grass-type of Pokemon. 

Here we have listed down some of the Pokemon and their best moves you can try:

Pokemon Fast Attacks Charged Attacks
ZarudeVine WhipPower Whip 
RoseradeRazor LeafGrass Knot
Shadow TangrowthVine WhipPower Whip
Mega VenusaurVine WhipFrenzy Plant
ShayminHidden Power Grass Knot 
Mega SceptileBullet SeedFrenzy Plant 
Shadow TorterraRazor LeafFrenzy Plant 
KartanaRazor LeafLeaf Blade
Shadow VictreebelRazor LeafLeaf Blade
Shadow ShiftryRazor LeafLeaf Blade
CelebiMagical LeafLeaf Storm
Shadow MeganiumVine WhipFrenzy Plant
Shadow ExeggutorBullet SeedSeed Bomb
ChesnaughtVine WhipFrenzy Plant
Tapu BuluBullet SeedGrass Knot
Shadow VileplumeRazor LeafSolar Beam
LeafeonRazor LeafLeaf Blade
BreloomBullet SeedGrass Knot
SimisageVine WhipGrass Knot
LeavannyRazor Leaf Leaf Blade 
Shadow BellossomRazor Leaf Leaf Blade 
Mega AbomasnowRazor Leaf Energy Ball
VirizionDouble KickLeaf Blade
SerperiorVine WhipFrenzy Plant
DecidueyeRazor LeafEnergy Ball
CarnivineVine WhipPower Whip 

Here we have listed lots of Grass-type Pokemon and their Fast and Charged attacks. Whoever Pokemon players and their team select to defeat Mega Swampert in Pokemon Go Mega Raid Battle.

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Mega Swampert Counters and Weakness

Counters Weakness
Mega SceptileMega Swampert weak against Grass Type Attacks
Shadow Venusa
Mega Abomasn

Is There Shiny Mega Swampert Available in Pokemon Go

The only way to get the Shiny Mega Swampert in Pokemon Go is by defeating it in the Boss Raid event. You can catch up on Water Festival Beach event.


Capture Mega Swampert before 15th June no one knows when the next time appears in Pokemon Go. You can capture Mega Swampert in Pokemon Go Mega Raid Battle which began on the 1st of June and continues till the 15th of June.

Mega Swampert is vulnerable to Grass-type Pokemon, so trainers should try the Mega raid battle with the Grass-type Pokemon. 

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