Pokemon Go: How to Catch Archen, Weakness and Counters

Archen is a Pokemon with both rock and flying abilities. Archen is a gigantic, bird-like Pokemon that looks like a cross between birds and reptiles.

It has no feathers on its head, but the rest of its body is covered in decorative feathers. The majority of its body is yellow, while the wings and top of its head are blue. This tutorial will highlight Archens’ weaknesses and countermeasures.

How to Catch Archen in Pokemon Go

Archen Pokemon Go
Image via Gameinstants

If you want to get an Archen in Pokemon Go, the simplest approach is to first get an Archen and then evolve it into an Archen. It is far more frequent to receive its base evolution than its final evolution.

As is the case with most final evolution Pokemon. Archen reproduce at a higher rate in the wild near quarries, farmlands, parking lots, cities, hiking paths, and in windy conditions. Archen may also hatch from 7 and 10 kilometer eggs, and Archen needs 50 candies to develop into Archeops.

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Archen Weakness

Its defense numbers are poor, and when paired with its limited health pool, it makes it a vulnerable Pokemon. Archen, as a dual-type flying and rock Pokemon, takes double damage from rock, steel, water, electric, and ice attacks. It is impervious to ground moves and resistant to regular, flying, poison, insect, and fire moves.

Best counters

Archen struggles in competitive play since its Defeatist ability reduces the effectiveness of its attacking skills. As a result, it has never received a high ranking in competitive brackets. It may, however, serve as an offensive lead Pokemon.

Consider the following exercises: running, acrobatics, stone edge, earth power, and roost. STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) benefits Acrobatics and Stone Edge, Earth Power is for type coverage, and Roost can assist you avoid using its Defeatist ability.

That’s all you need to know about Archen’s Pokemon Go weakness and counters as I’ll see you in the next article.

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