How To Get Dragonite in Pokemon Go?

Getting a Dragonite in Pokemon Go is like gold dust. The legendary beast is one of the rare finds in the AR-based game if not one of the highly elusive ones. This article will explore the different methods to add Dragonite to your battle party.

Dragonite is a dual flying/dragon Pokemon hailing from the Kanto region. It is one of the most potent all-rounders in Pokemon Go, boasting incredible stats in each aspect after being maxed out.

  • Max CP: 4287
  • Max HP: 188
  • Attack: 263
  • Defense: 198
  • Stamina: 209

Along with a strong build, the original dragon-type has a massive damage output with a variety of flying- and even steel-type moves. Trainers aiming to conquer the Master League often set out on Dragonite hunts in Pokemon Go but they need to make the most out of a wild encounter.

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Catching a Dragonite in the Wild – Spawn rate, Catch rate, and Habitat

Given its supremely low encounter rate and low catch rate, it will be a challenge to tame the dragon. Dragonite has a less than 1% Spawn Rate in Pokemon Go. Creating more problems is its catch rate, which fluctuates from 2.7% to almost 10%, since Dragonite usually appears in the wild between the level 10 – 35.

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According to Bulbapedia, Dragonite has a Base Catch Rate of 5% and a similar Base Flee Rate percentage. Trainers supposedly can get four-five tries. Use Golden Razz Berries before aiming for a perfect curveball throw at the dragon to maximise the chances of a catch. Substitute Golden Razz Berries with Razz Berries if out of stock.

The best place to find Dragonite in Pokemon Go is near water bodies as it is spawn rate increases in Windy/Partly Cloudy weather. Players have also reported increased spawn rates during the ongoing 7th Anniversary Event, with Dragonites popping up at famous landmarks, near Gyms, and regions with most Pokemon Go activities such as Zaragoza, Spain, and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Evolving a Dratini – Locations and the Importance of Buddy System

Another way of obtaining a Dragonite in Pokemon Go is by evolution. It is the third and final form of Dragonair, since no mega version has been introduced in the anime or in the game. Dragonair evolves into Dratini by consuming 25 Candies and Dratini evolves into Dragonite when fed 100 Candies.

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Upgrading a Dragonair to Dragonite is an arduous process. Trainers thus choose to catch a Dratini with a good level/IV and evolve it. However, Dratini is a rare spawn, usually found near lakes or oceans, and collecting Dragonair Candy means a lot of leg work and patience.

This is where the Buddy System comes into play. Once a Dratini is captured, set it as your Buddy and walk 5 KM to obtain a Candy. Bond with the buddy Dratini by feeding it candies, battling, petting, etc., to unlock more benefits.

Can Dratini be found in Eggs in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Dratini can be found in eggs, thanks to the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync System. Trainers can obtain multiple rewards every week for the amount of distance they have covered on the map – 5 KM, 25 KM, or 50 KM. Besides Stardust or Berries, the rewards include 5 KM and 10 KM egg hatches.

Dratini can be acquired from the 10 KM Egg awarded by the Adventure Sync. A maximum of 24 Dragonair candies will be provided along with it. There is a high chance that the IV of the rewarded Pokemon is above 85.

Dragonite Pokemon Go Raid Boss – Counters and Weaknesses

The last Dragonite Raid to be held in Pokemon Go dates back to October 2022. Currently, the July raids are stacked with the trio of legendary birds with Regieleki in line. There is a good chance that Dragonite features as a Raid Boss in August during the Pokemon Go Fest, supporting the release of fellow dragon-type Mega Raquaza.

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Dragonite previously appeared as a Tier Three Raid Boss. It is weak to Dragon, Rock, and Fairy moves but especially weak to Ice-type attacks. Note that it is resistant to almost every other type.

Pokemon Go Dragonite Counters

Here are a few counters for Dragonite in Pokemon Go.

  • Articuno: Frost Breath with Blizzard
  • Mewto: Confusion with Ice Beam
  • Aurorus: Powder Snow with Avalanche
  • Glaceon: Ice Shard with Avalanche
  • Kyurem: Dragon Breath with Glaciate

Apart from Raids, Dragonite can also be available as a Timed Research reward or Field Research reward. Players encountered the Pokemon after completing certain field research during the TCG event in July 2022. Look out for such events in the future.

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