Pokemon Go New Season Leaks (September – December 2023)

The Season of Hidden Gems is coming to an end and data leakers have already given spoilers for the Pokemon Go new season starting from September 2023. While the highlight of the fall will be the introduction of Paldean Pokemon, certain events have been leaked by insiders for each month until November.

The name of the next season in the AR game is still unknown. It could last till the end of the year following which Niantic can introduce Generation 8 – something that the Go community believes has been overlooked due to the direct jump to Gen 9. While these are just assumptions, the following information might be more than that.

Possible spoilers ahead!

Pokemon Go September 2023 season leaks

According to the information provided by a reliable leaker, the following events could take place in the remaining months of 2023.

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September 2023

  • Grubbin Community Day.
  • Festival of Lights will feature Generation 9 Pokemon, Tadbulb.
  • Psychic Spectacular event featuring Solosis (possibility of a shiny form debut).
  • Oddish Research Day (Shiny form available).

October 2023

  • Timburr Community Day.
  • Harvest Festival featuring Generation 9 Pokemon, Smoliv.
  • Azurill Hatch Day
  • Mareep Classic Community Day (end of October or beginning of November)

November 2023

  • Wooper and Paldean Wooper Community Day

Although it isn’t confirmed, Wooper Community Day may feature the debut of its final evolutionary form – Clodsire. Quagsire is already one of the metas for the Great League so Clodsire might become the MVP for the Ultra League.

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