Will Carbink be the New Meta Pokemon Go Leagues?

Pokemon Go trainers are hyped for the debut of Carbink. The Jewel Pokemon, belonging to the Kalos region, has been a highlight of many games such as Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire, Pokemon Sun and Moon, etc. It will now be the headliner for the Go Fest 2023 along with Diancie and Mega Raquaza.

Carbink is being hailed as the new meta. In Pokemon Go terminations and gaming in general, meta is an abbreviation for “most effective tactics available” in a certain character. The Generation 6 Pokemon is believed to be the MVP of the Great League due to a number of reasons which we will discuss below.

New meta in Pokemon Go: Carbink stats and advantages in the Great League

Fairy-type Pokemon is a preferred breed in Pokemon Go Great League, majorly due to the high presence of Fighting-types such as Scrafty and Hitmontop, and Dark-types such as Umbreon. Carbink not only possesses Fairy qualities but also has a strong Rock move set that is ideal for countering Flying-type metas such as Noctowl and Altaria.

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Carbink has a low max Attack stat (94) but it makes up for it with its staggering max Defense stat (285). Despite being vulnerable to Steel, Ground, Water, and Grass moves, its huge Defense will throw at least a couple of Charged Moves before being eliminated. It can reach up to 1467 CP at Level 40 and has a moveset that charges real quick.

Pokemon Go Carbink
pokemon go carbink

Carbink Pokemon Go abilities

Pair Rock Throw with Rock Stab to continuously create Shield Pressure on the opponent. The Rock Stab Charged Move can be substituted by Moonblast for a more Fairy-type role. Tackle as a Quick Move can be used to generate energy more quickly for the Moonblast assault. Generally, Carbink has excellent coverage over all types.

Every Pokemon has a weakness. That being said, it is bound to get outmatched by some other ‘mons. Carbink’s main worries are the fellow tank Pokemon Tokapex, Nidoqueen, and dual Grass/Poison types such as Venusaur. Galarian Weezing can also give it a run for its money with the constant Sludge Bomb Charged Move spam.

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How to get Carbink in Pokemon Go?

There are two ways to get the much-sought Jewel Pokemon. The first one has expired but there is still a chance to get Carbink. Those who purchased a Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Global ticket between June 21to July 5 received a special Timed Research named ‘In the Rough. It rewarded players with a special Carbink encounter upon completion.

For those who didn’t buy the ticket, you can get Carbink during the end of the Go Fest on August 26 and 27, respectively. It will be made available through Field Research encounters for all trainers. Moreover, Carbink will be available as a Raid Boss. Shiny Carbink hasn’t been released yet but that could change in the upcoming months.