Pokemon Go Community Day Classic (September 2, 2023)

Community Day Grubbin 2023

The first Pokemon Go Community Day Classic of Season 12: Adventures Abound will be celebrated on September 2. Running through November, the season will feature two ‘classic’ versions of the five Community Day events. The dates for the events are yet to be revealed. A clip shared by Pokemon Go on X titled “It’s gonna … Read more

Pokemon Go Grubbin Community Day: Date, time, and bonuses

Community Day Grubbin

Following the Charmander Community Day Classic, Niantic revealed that the next event community event will feature Grubbin. The Larva Pokemon belonging to Generation 7 is a Bug-type Pokemon that eventually changes to a dual Electric/Bug type. Here is everything to know about Pokemon Go Grubbin Community Day. Pokemon Go Grubbin Community Day will occur on … Read more

Pokemon Go New Season Leaks (September – December 2023)

Pokemon Go shiny legendary pokemon

The Season of Hidden Gems is coming to an end and data leakers have already given spoilers for the Pokemon Go new season starting from September 2023. While the highlight of the fall will be the introduction of Paldean Pokemon, certain events have been leaked by insiders for each month until November. The name of … Read more