How To Get Pummarola Vampire Survivors?

This guide explains how you can get and unlock the Pummarola Vampire Survivors with complete information.

So if we talk about what the game is actually based on then, it comes out to be that the game was initially inspired by one of the mobile games that were handy in playing Magic Survival.

In this game what a player has to do is to attack the foes automatically. The original early access version took around a year to develop.

If we talk about the main storyline of this game then some of you might disappoint to know that originally the game has no storyline which the players can pursue to leverage the game however the main/sole purpose of this game.

The Vampire Survivors is only to survive for 30 minutes against the enemy horde. Not only that the players can choose different characters as well, but also stages as they proceed, and then strive to keep that character alive as adversaries attack in increasing numbers and severity.

What is Pummarola?

If we talk about one of the most famous items in the game the Vampire survivors then it has to be the. But what exactly is Pummarola? Don’t worry we’ll guide you on what Pummarola exactly is. So it is a passive item of the game Vampire Survivors.

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There are many ways the players can opt to get the Pummarola in the vampire survivor’s game. Surviving 5 minutes as Gennaro Belpaese unlocks it.

The benefit of Pummarola is simple it boosts Recovery by 0.2 points at every level. Also, the Pummarola is very necessary for Garlic’s Evolution, Soul Eater. Players can also get the Pummarola at stages of the game as it is a stage item found in Mad Forest and Moonglow.

pummarola vampire survivors
how to get pummarola vampire survivors

How can you get the Pummarola Vampire survivors?

Here we will discuss all the relevant as well as important points about the Pummarola in the Vampire survivors along with the locations where you can get them:

The first method for obtaining the Pummarola in the vampire survivors is by surviving and retaining your lives for 5 minutes as Gennaro Belpaese.

Now a noticeable question might arise how to get the Gennaro Belpase the answer to this question is that Gennaro Belpase may be acquired in Vampire Survivors by paying 550 coins.

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After unlocking Gennaro Belpase, you may need to improve him to survive 5 minutes.

Although surviving 5 minutes into the game appears to be straightforward, it may not be.

Now talking about the exact location where you can get the Pummarola may be found is in Mad Forest.

Players should not forget that it is a very lucrative item in the Vampire survivors. It is an item that provides 0.2 HP per second of recovery to each of its levels.

Also, Pummarola has more than five stages, each of which adds 0.2 HP as you go through them.

As you go through the levels, it may provide a maximum of +1 HP each second.

The use of Pummarola is very wide as it may also be required to complete the transformation of Garlic into a Soul eater.

You may increase its healing rate even more by pairing it with Recovery Power up.

Furthermore, by playing it with Suor Clerici, you may improve your HP recovery rate.

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Throughout the game, you may purchase the Suor Clerci for 9000 Gold and 1000 HP.

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