How To Tame A Allay in Minecraft

Allay is one of the new mobs that was introduced in the Wild Update along with new items. If you looking for a guide to know how you can interact with Allay or how to tame it then you’re on the correct platform.

Here we featured a guide on how to tame an Allay in Minecraft with complete information that helped you to tame an Allay in the game. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

how to tame a allay in minecraft
Allay in minecraft

How To Tame A Allay In Minecraft

Allay is one of the helpful mobs in Minecraft that helps you to find the items without having a hassle. You can give any specific item to Allay and they will find more quantity of the item and deliver it to you. but for that, you need to tame Allay first.

To Tame Allay in Minecraft you need to throw any item toward the allay and it will start following you. However, if the item that you throw towards the allay is taken away it will stop following you.

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Watch this YouTube video created by MoneyKingHero based on how to find Allay and Tame then in Minecraft 1.19.

Once you tame Allay successfully it will start following you until you take away the item you throw toward the allay. Mainly while it will collect more similar items for instance if you through a wooden block towards the Allay then it will start searching for more wooden blocks and deliver to you.

This is the end of the guide on how to tame allay for more helpful content such as how to tame Panda, Cat and more on our Minecraft Guide.

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