War Of The Visions: WOTV Tier List (Nov. 2022)

WOTV Tier List: A role-playing game War Of The Visions took its inspiration from the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games. It is a battlefield in this game. You will be given the power of controlling a lot of units on this battlefield so that you might be able to complete a lot of purposes.

The WOTV tier list consists of all the best to worst UR units in the game. The list is formulated considering the unit’s stats, abilities, and advantages on the battlefield.

In War Of The Visions, you will get a lot of units and from there you have to pick up the best unit for you. Each unit comes up with extraordinary stamina and deficiency of its own.  

Here in this article, we have prepared a WOTV tier list for the game so that you will be able to choose easily which UR units you should use in your army. You will also get to know which UR units are the best and which UR units should not be used. Let’s come to the main point which is the WOTV tier list.

War Of The Visions: Overview

We all know that War Of The Visions is a popular role-playing game that is played with tactics and strategies. Square Enix first introduced this game on 14th November 2019. It is no doubt a high-quality game that allows you to control different units on a grid-based battlefield. You can easily get this game on both Android and iOS devices.

This game aims to fulfill different types of goals with the help of UR units. The graphics of this game comes up in 3D format. The game has also introduced a special feature that is a voice-over for the characters. The game has two modes online multiplayer mode and a single-player campaign. Moreover, if you can complete the daily quests you will get rewards.

The Advantages Of WOTV Tier List

The WOTV tier list is now prepared considering the recent details. But it may be changed or modified as per future updates. The advantages of this WOTV tier list are as follows:

  • The players can easily select the perfect UR unit for their army.
  • The list makes it clear which units are raising and which unit will be the best for investment.
  • The list also shows the underrated units.
  • The list helps the players to make out the game very easily.
  • The capability of each unit are clearly described in the list.
  •  The players can learn the process of countering another unit with the help of this WOTV tier list.

An Updated Tier List Of War Of The Visions

We have prepared this tier list as per the effectiveness of the units in battle. A perfect tier list helps the players to take a firm decision when they try to select characters.

The FFBE WOTV tier list ace actually created based on the power of the UR units.  The tier list helps the players to easily choose whom they will keep in the army. Here is we have tried to mention the WOTV tier list.

wotv tier list

‘S’ Tier War Of The Visions

The ‘S’ tier units of WOTV comes up with unique stats, aptitudes and potency on the battlefield. These UR units are the most demanding in this army. The players must choose these Units for their army and use them where it as much as possible. So stop searching for the best UR units in WOTV, just choose the UR units from the ‘S’ tier.

  • Noctis – UR
  • Yuna – UR
  • Helena – UR
  • Oberon Heindler
  • Jume – UR
  • Locke – UR
  • Cloud – UR
  • Prompto – UR
  • Aranea – UR
  • Mont Leonis – MR
  • Mont – UR
  • Glaciela – UR
  • Tifa – UR
  • Salire – MR
  • Duane – UR
  • Starlight Elena – UR
  • Alstoria – UR
  • Grace – UR
  • Golbez – UR
  • Salire – UR
  • Ranan – UR
  • Y’shtola- MR
  • Goffard Gaffgarion – MR

“A” Tier War Of The Visions

The units of the A tier list are supposed to be very much powerful. They have versatility. You can control many situations by them. They have the power to fight with the top-tier decks. If you want to win the battle you must have this unit.

  • Cetia – UR
  • 9S – UR
  • Rafale – UR
  • Zanan the Unkillable – UR
  • Moore – UR
  • Kitone – UR
  • Auron – UR
  • Ibara – UR
  • Tidus – UR
  • Bellis – UR

B Tier War Of The Visions

These are good but the only cons of this is that they have a few matchups. You should avoid these matchups as much as possible.

  • Queen – UR
  • Rain – UR
  • Grace – MR
  • Kain – UR
  • Velric – UR
  • Ramada – MR
  • Mediena – UR

C Tier War Of The Visions

The units of the C tier are weaker in comparison with other tiers. If you want to have fun or are a novice you may choose the UR units from the C tier.

  • Kilphe – UR
  • Miranda – UR
  • Howlet – URI
  • Older – UR
  • Lucio – UR

D Tier War Of The Visions

We are advising you not to take D-tier characters for your army. Only one or two characters are strong, others are very weak or incompatible.

  • Vadim – SR
  • Rosa – UR
  • Murmur – SR
  • Little Leela -SR
  • Baelo – SR

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the ‘the S’ tier list and the D tier list?

The ‘S’ tier list is supposed to have the best UR units in the game. Whereas the UR units of the D tier list are very much weak.

Is the WOTV tier list fixed?

No, the tier list is not fixed.  They are updated from time to time.

Final Words:

War Of The Visions is truly an interesting game to play. You will be able to enjoy every moment of this game. It is becoming very much popular day by day.

The number of players is also increasing regularly. They like this game so much because the WOTV tier list keeps on updating regularly. So they can get new missions daily. You have known the tiers list very well from this article. Now choose the best UR unit and play the game to have more fun.

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