Stardew Valley Gus: Gifts, Hearts Events Guide

Here we have shared Gus Stardew Valley Guide that helps players to know about hates, heart events and how to make friends within the game without having much hassle and more.

Gus is an owner of the Stardrop Saloon in Stardew Valley and if a player regularly encounters him at the pub and to know other people in the game.

In Stardew Valley you can interact with Gus by ordering the food at the saloon’s bar counter. For more socializing, you can give him gifts you can also get the about the building the hearts event with other players from Gus while conversing with him.

To increase the heart levels the player needs to talk to the gus and give him gifts. Here we have explained all the best and worst items to give gus to unlock their friendship level in Stardew Valley.

Gus Stardew Valley: Best and Worst Gifts

gus gift guide
Stardew Valley Gus

Here we have mentioned all the best and worst gifts that you can use in order to increase your heart level with others in Stardew Valley.

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Best Gifts To Give Gus

These are some of the best gives that you can give Gus to increase his heart level.

Loved Gifts

If send Gus these Loved gifts he will respond in return “You’re giving this to… me? I’m speechless” and the heart level increase to 80 points.

GiftsGifts Name
Loved GiftsUniversal Loved Gifts (Prismatic Shard, Pearl, Rabbit’s Foot. Golden Pumpkin and Magic Rock Candy)
Loved GiftsDiamond
Loved GiftsTropical Curry
Loved GiftsFish Taco
Loved GiftsEscargot
Loved GiftsOrange

Liked Gifts

These are the gifts that you give to Gus and he responds “Oh goodness, are you sure?” in return and his heart level will increase up to 45 points.

GiftsGifts Name
Liked GiftsDaffodil
Liked GiftsUniversal Liked Gifts including mention below.
All Vegetables excluding Hops, Tea Leaves, Wheat, and Unmilled Rice
All Flowers excluding Poppy
All Gems excluding Prismatic Shard
All Fruit Tree Fruits excluding Mango and Banana
All Cooked Dishes excluding Bread, Egg, Strange Bun, and Seafoam Pudding
All Artisan Goods excluding Oil and Void Mayonnaise
Maple Syrup
Life Elixir

Neutral Gifts

If you give Gus these Neutral gifts he will respond Oh, that’s sweet. Thank you in return and increase his heart level up to 20 points.

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GiftsGifts Name
Neutral GiftsUniversal Neutral Gifts (Roe, Fried Egg, Nautilus Shell, Truffle, Tea Leaves, Hops, Sweet Gem Berry, Wool, Wheat, Squid Ink, Rainbow Shell, Clam, Duck Feather, Coral and Bread.
Neutral GiftsAll Milk, Eggs (excluding Void Egg, and Dinosaur Egg
Neutral GiftsFruit excluding Salmonberry and fruits from trees
Neutral GiftsMorel
Neutral GiftsMagma Cap
Neutral GiftsLeek
Neutral GiftsPurple Mushroom
Neutral GiftsGinger
Neutral GiftsCommon Mushroom
Neutral GiftsDandelion
Neutral GiftsChanterelle
Neutral GiftsWinter Root
Neutral GiftsHazelnut
Neutral GiftsSnow Yam

Worst Gifts To Give Gus

These are the most hated and disliked items to gift to gus.

Disliked Gifts

When you give these disliked gifts he will respond as “No, no, no…” and it will reduce the heart level up to 20 points

GiftsGifts Name
Disked GiftsUniversal Disliked Gifts (Cave Carrot, Oil, Unmilled Rice, Wheat Flour, Void Egg, Solar Essence, Vinegar, Tea Set, Spring Onion, Oak Resin, Rice, Qi Fruit, Driftwood, Pine Tar, Field Snack, Void Essence and Jack-O-Lantern)
Disked GiftsSalmonberry
Disked GiftsWild Horseradish

Hated Gifts

When you give these hated gifts he will respond in return “This is absolute junk. I’m offended” and his heart level reduces to 40 points.

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GiftsGifts Name
Hated GiftsUniversal Hated Gifts (Monster Loot, Trash, Fossils, Bait, Void Mayonnaise, Fairy Dust, Seafoam Pudding, White Algae, Torch, Snail, Secret Note, Seaweed, Hay, Iron Ore, Energy Tonic, Carp, Golden Coconut, Sea Urchin, Warp Totems, Sugar, Poppy, Oil of garlic, Journal Scrap, Radioactive Bar or Ore, Sap, Treasure Chest, Strange Bun, Explosive Ammo, Flute Block, Glass Starter, Copper Ore, Artifact Trove, Drum Block, Error Item, Crab Pot, Qi Seasoning, Dragon Tooth
Hated GiftsQuartz
Hated GiftsColeslaw
Hated GiftsHolly

Gus Heart Events Guide

These are all the heart events of Gus that you should know.

Heart EventsEvent
Zero HeartsWhen the player reaches Zero Hearts level Gus will start sending your gifts
Three HeartsGus will send you the salmon dinner recipe
Four HeartsIn this Gus and Pam cutscene, you need to talk to Pam about the money. There are two options for you You need to pay your tab off right now! (-50 points) or The saloon is not doing well, financially (+15 points)
Five HeartsYou need to leave the farmhouse on a day during the 06:00 and 11:30
Seven HeartsWhen the player reaches the seven hearts Gus will send you the cranberry sauce recipe.

This is sum up of Gus Stardew Valley guide for more similar content do read our Stardew Valley Guides for more helpful information such as how to get to secret woods or Stardew valley spring crops and more.

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