Stardew Valley Gus: Gifts Heart, Events & Cheats (2022)

This is an ultimate guide based on Stardew Valley Gus with complete information about Gifts, Hearts, Event along with cheats.

Everything you need to know about Leah’s Stardew Valley items, plus all of her coronation events, her question options, Leah’s schedule, and more.

In the open broadcast of the questions, she asks during coronary heart disease, at some point, if you go to the Pierres Frequent store, Leah will ask you a question.

The stronger the players’ friendship with Gus, the more likely it is that he will help feed them. Gus draws an analogy between cooking and the appearance of players in Stardew Valley, saying that adding a new ingredient can ruin a sauce or create something new and delicious.

With our guide to Stardew Valley, this moustachioed man, you’ll soon learn about his loves, hates heartbreaks, and more.


When you first move to Stardew Valley, it will be a little closed and cold for you, but you can warm it up and show you a softer side.

This moustachioed man has hired Emily for a part-time job at the Saloon and often chats with Pam. Gus is a friend of Pam, who frequents the Saloon, and Emily, who works there part-time.

If you and Gus have three hearts, he will send you a letter with a recipe for salmon dinner. In the sixth fall of your sophomore year in Stardew Valley, you’ll receive a letter from Gus asking you to bring him a lobster.


Gus admits that at least one problem is that Pam doesn’t pay her bills and is afraid to stand up to Pam because they are friends. Gus admits that the local Stardew Valley salon is struggling financially.

However, she is reluctant to ask Pam to pay her bill as they are good friends. When you ask what happened, Gus will tell you that the saloon is going through hard financial times.

If you and Pam have two hearts, it’s clear that Gus will be upset that he’s in big financial trouble with the Star drop saloon, and Pam isn’t the type to like to pay for drinks.

Pam will be a little angry, but he will pay the bill, and Gus will give her the drink she asked for. Approach Pam and explain the financial problems one of the villagers has been having lately at the Stardew Valley saloon that will eventually pay off.

In this case, one of the villagers struggles with financial problems related to Saloon.

In addition to the request, one of the villagers will also request a coconut on the 19th of winter; rewards include receiving a Friendship Heart and 600 gold. Gus would also be happy to receive gifts such as fish tacos, diamonds, oranges, daffodils, and snails.

Stardew Valley Gus
Stardew Valley Gus


You can give Gus up to two gifts per week (plus his birthday present), increasing or decreasing Gus’ friendship with you. Her birthday present (summer 8) will have 8x effects and show unique dialogue.

You can receive gifts from Gus in the mail at any friendship level above zero friendship points. As your friendship with Gus increases, so do your chances of receiving a gift in the mail.

When Gus is behind the salon counter, you need to go behind the counter to get his present. Gus of the Star drop Saloon will say your name at the beginning of each conversation (after the first one).

You can easily spam him a conversation to get unlimited items for free. You can meet Shane during his daily visits to the salon, buy a pizza from Gus, and then give it to him for a bonus of 80 points. Despite Shane’s stern appearance, you will still receive friendship points for his birthday present.

What does Gus like in Stardew Valley?

Leah will offer you a thought, which is considered one of her three tasks. Choose whatever you want, as none of them will affect your friendship.

As the best choice for Gus, each of these gifts will increase your friendship with him by 80 points. If you have collected 3 hearts from one of the villagers, he will gladly share one of his secret cooking recipes.

Gus will mail the recipe to the player upon reaching seven hearts with Gus. Once the players have reached five hearts with Gus.

He will come to the players’ farm and tell them that he came to consider them a friend. After that, Gus will reward you with a heart of friendship and a cash prize of 600 gold.

What does Gus doesn’t like in the Stardew valley gift guide?

Shane’s mail will include a letter with a recipe for one of Shane’s favourite things, Pepper Poppers.

You’ll get another letter from Shane; it will be a recipe for a weird sandwich. It’s funny that Shane will ask you to try it, but it’s one of his most hated gifts.

You will be categorically correct if you say that one of the villagers is a cook from Stardew Valley.

The game also allows you to connect with the community by building, maintaining, and improving your relationship with the villagers.

One of the villagers is Gus from Stardew Valley. He hates wild shit, which will eventually negatively affect your friendship points with Gus.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Stardew Valley Gus with complete information.

What is a good gift for Gus Stardew Valley?

These are some of the good gifts for Gus Stardew Valley. Following are the gifts Diamond, Fish Taco, Orange, Escargot, Prism Shard and Rabbit’s foot.

How do you befriend Gus Stardew Valley?

Stopping by to offer a gift and have a little talk with Gus is a great way for players to show their kindness. Whenever his bar is open, you can find him there. Also, keep in mind that presents delivered on his birthday, Summer 8, will have an 8x effect on his friendship.

How do you get 3 hearts with Gus?

Everything you need to know about his heart events is right here. As soon as you attain a friendship level greater than zero, Gus will begin sending you gifts in the mail. When you reach three hearts, Gus will email you a salmon supper recipe. When you’ve gotten two or more hearts from Pam, go to the saloon during business hours.

How do kids get Stardew?

To have children, you must first have a wife or husband. They must also be content, which means they must have at least 12 hearts. To construct a nursery, head to Robin’s Shop and purchase the second upgrade (which includes the nursery) for 50,000 gold and 150 hardwood.

This is the end of this short guide.

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