All 3 Imbued Sword Locations in Elden Ring

The Land Between in Elden Ring holds lots of questline, bosses and dungeons and more. One of the locations that encounter in Land Between is The Four Belfries these are church-like four buildings and at the gate of three buildings, you need to see waygates that allow you to teleport into other locations in Elden Ring.

However, all three waygates were locked and to unlock them you need to gather 3 Imbued Sword Keys that were located at the nearby location. Here is how you can find all the 3 Imbued Sword keys in Elden Ring.

Imbued sword key

First Imbued Sword Key Location – (Four Belfries)

The First Imbued Sword Key is located at the top of the Four Belfries you need to reach to the Belfry where you find the chest that contains the First Imbued Sword key as shown in the above image.

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Second Imbued Sword Key Location – (Academy of Raya Lucaria)

The Second Imbued Sword Key is located at the Academy of Raya Lucaria the Imbued Sword key is located at the rooftop near the copse as shown in the above-mentioned screenshot.

Third Imbued sword key Location – (Sellia, town of Sorcery)

The third Imbued Sword key location is located in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in order to get the third key you need to complete the Brazier puzzle in which you need to light up the Brazier once you light up all the Brazier it will unlock the seal of the chest located at the ground that contains the last Imbued Sword Key.

Once you have all three Imbued Sword Keys you can go to the Four Belfries and unlock the waygates. Make sure to read the vague description written at the gate. Before using the waygate to teleport.

Watch this YouTube video created by Gamer Guru based on all three Imbued Sword Locations.

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This is the end of the Imbued Sword Locations guide for more helpful content such as how to complete Abandoned Cave or more do check our Elden Ring Guides.

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