Stop Pretending You Can’t See Me Elden Ring

There are a lot of mysteries in Elden Ring and one such mystery is that of the Invisible Man, in the Ring-Elden. Elden Rings Bok the Seamster, a monkey-like humanoid, is one of the most interesting NPCs in the game.

One of the few questlines in Elden Ring that doesn’t seem to have a satisfying conclusion is Boc the Seamster.

This article shows you how to unravel the mysteries of the Invisible Man of Elden Ring. We will help you to find the invisible man in Elden Ring, as well as the NPC Boc the Seamster, and his locations throughout Elden Ring. 

What is the location of the Invisible Man?

Finding the locations of Boc the Seamster in Elden Ring allows players to change clothes at no cost. In Limgrave East, you will hear voices in locations marked on the map below. The invisible person is located within the Limgrave area specifically, in Limgrave East.

Invisible man location
Invisible Man Location Elden Ring

You will hear sounds at this place in Limgrave East. “Oi you there, could you help us out, fully? Stop pretending you can’t see me” the voice will say. If gamers aren’t sure what they’re looking for, it can be difficult to determine where the sound is coming from.

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A tiny tree is where the sound is coming from. The little yellow tree will vanish into the air if you strike it with a weapon. At the location of the tree, an NPC will emerge. When you speak with him, he will reveal that his name is Boc.

He was expelled from a cave and instructed to never return. Players will find Bok the Seamster in Raya Lukara Academy’s Great Library reacting non-responsively, and when they next visit he will be dead.

After talking with Boc the Seamster, players may speak with Melina about it in the next Grace location where they pause.

What is Boc’s Cave Location?

Unfortunately, Boc loses his stuff as he tries to recover it.To reclaim Boc’s belongings, players must empty the cave and eliminate the two Demi-Human Chief monsters.

On the seashore on the western side of the Limgrave region, Boc is in a cave. Speak to Boc within that Coastal cave.

If met here, Boc will welcome them and establish a temporary base of operations. To continue his search, you are not required to come to see him here.

Stop Pretending You Can't See Me Elden Ring
Stop Pretending You Can’t See Me Elden Ring

Give Sewing Needle to Boc

Boc offers his life as your Seamster anytime you need one, for no charge, in an act of thanks. He is been useful in helping us modify gear, taking nothing in return.

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You can now return a gold sewing needle item to Boc the Sewing Machine, who can also now modify the boss Armor without taking any money in return.

He will explain how he was cast from his cave, then he will head back out there looking for something he can pay you for releasing him.

Boc the Seamster Final Location

After a while, you will come across him. At the Site of Grace’s lake-facing cliffs, relax. Boc will spawn close to it when you have rested there. If you speak with him, he will become your personal seamstress and will fix your clothing.

If met here, Boc will welcome them and establish a temporary base of operations.To continue his search, you do not need to see him here. So, after you have completed the entire invisible man questline, he becomes your personal seamstress, modifying your clothing.

Where else you will find Boc?

Additionally, players can meet Boc and get their clothes adjusted in East RayaLucaria Gate Site of Grace, in the Luirnia of Lakes. After chatting with him, players can discuss him with Melina at the following place of grace they visit.

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The player’s outfit can be tailored if you meet Boc at Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, in the Altus Plateau. He will provide a brief conversation.

Additionally, Boc will have a lot of new dialogue once he arrives at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, in the Leyndell Royal capital.

To advance to the final stage of his mission, players must allow him to address them as Lord and bring him the Gold Sewing Needle from the Church of Vows in Liurnia of the Lakes.

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