How to Summon In Elden Ring? [Spirits and Use Ashes]

Similar to other Fromsoftware games the Elden Ring also allows you to summon spirits or dead NPC for help. Mainly you can summon the spirits who whatever reason not able to make it to the Erdtree.

But to summon them first you need to have their ashes that you can get by completing several quests and more importantly you need to get the Spirit Calling Bell from the NPC called Renna in Elden Ring.

Here we featured a guide that helps you to know how you can get summon the Spirits and how to get the Spirit Calling Bell to summon the spirits without having a hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

How to Get the Spirit Calling Bell?

To summon the Spirits in Elden Ring you need to get the Spirit Calling Bell that you can get from the NPC character called Renna. Just getting the Torrent from the Melina in West Limgrave go to the Site of Grace at the Chuch of Elleh.

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How to Get Spirit Calling Bell In Elden Ring
How to Get Spirit Calling Bell In Elden Ring

After reloading the area you will encounter a new NPC named Renna a witch who wears a large hat and resting on the broken wall.

How To Ashes In Elden Ring
Lone Wolf Ashes

Interact with Renna she will give Spirit Calling Bell along with the Lone Wolf Ashes. After that, you can able to summon the Torrent and Lone Wolf spirits whenever you prefer on certain conditions.

How to Summon Spirits in Elden Ring
How to Summon Spirits in Elden Ring

How To Summon Spirits In Elden Ring?

After getting the Spirit Calling Bell you can summon the spirit ashes but there are some limits to summoning them. You can only summon spirits in certain locations (near the gravestone) and if you go out of the Spirit Calling Bell range they disappear instantly.

To know you’re at the correct location to summon the spirit you will see the white icon of the Gravestone in the left bottom of your game screen as shown in the below image.

summon spirit in elden ring
How to Summon In Elden Ring

If you go out of the Spirit Calling Bell range the icon will start flashing and the more you go out of the range the more it flashes. More importantly, if spirits disappear you cannot summon them again for that you need to rest in the Site of Grace after that you can summon them again.

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To summon certain spirits such as the Wolf of Ashes you need to put them into your Inventory in Quick Items Once you put the spirits that you frequently use in the game. You can summon it instantly using the Spirit Calling Bell.

elden ring quick items
How to Summon In Elden Ring

Some spirits required FP to summon, the Spirit ashes can be helpful while fighting with a powerful boss such as (Elmer of the briar) you can summon them for help to get an easy win.

This is the end of the how to summon spirits in Elden Ring guide for more helpful content do read our Elden Ring Guides. In case you cannot able to summon the spirits in Elden Ring, in this case, read out the guide to fix the spirit summon not working.

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