STPeach Raven Cosplay Get Banned From Twitch

If you’ve been a gamer or you’ve been into gaming quite aggressively then YouTube is something you may have come across several times, sometimes on gaming streams on YouTube.

You see the links or either in the gaming websites but some of you or most of you might not be clear what Twitch exactly is so here we have a quick description for you on the topic of what exactly is Twitch.

So Twitch is a video-streaming network that provides a pleasant, sociable environment for watching people and streamers playing video games or doing other stuff such as live Collab or unboxing more like a gaming YouTube application.

Gamers or streamers who broadcast or go live during their matches play their favorite titles or games on the Twitch platform like other streaming platforms and not only that they also offer running commentary on the gaming action through the Twitch app which is again a point of attraction and entertainment for subscribers and viewers. a

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eNow you all must be wondering that all this that you can get through twitch might be paid as no one wants to cut their profits but you might be shocked to know that No, watching Twitch is even for gamers or enthusiasts who want to stream on twitch, streaming on Twitch costs nothing.

But like other streaming platforms, the only phase in which you will be asked to pay any kind of money is when you want to subscribe to a channel or give or donate to a streamer.

Who is STPeach?

There are a lot of streamers on Twitch who stream on Twitch and for that, they raise funds either for themselves as an income or for a general cause like charity. Likewise, there is another streamer known as STPeach.

She is a 27 year aged Canadian Twitch Streamer that streams on twitch, also she is an awesome Video Game Player, Fitness Blogger, and before being a Twitch streamer she was a Former Dental Assistant from Bankview, Calgary, Canada.

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She also engages in various cosplays that are enjoyed by the streamers a lot. Cosplaying along with playing various games has now become quite a trend on twitch for streamers from the mainstreamers to the side hustlers in this industry cosplaying is becoming a must necessity on twitch now.

stpeach raven cosplay
stpeach raven cosplay

Why was STPeach got banned from Twitch?

Like other streaming platforms, Twitch has its own way of dealing with the violation of its terms and services which is by banning Twitch streamers for violation of the terms and agreements and the community guidelines that are set by Twitch.

These terms and conditions You are not only not permitted to broadcast these things, but you are also not permitted to promote them in any manner. Nudity, sexual actions, violence, firearms, and illegal drugs and acts are all included. 

STPeach is a famous streamer who is known for her different cosplays the most popular one being the Raven cosplay that she used to do.

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But later this March the streamer was banned when she was found dressed up as Cammy from Street Fighter during a  recent fundraiser stream for Games For Love, which is known as an organization that helps children in hospitals.

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