Creator Clash Results Scores, Standings, and Live Results

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The ever-first creator clash was held in the area of Tampa Bay. There in Florida will be able to see around eighteen influencers will be there in the boxing match which is the first match ever. This boxing match was hosted on the main campus of the University of South Florida.

They’re all of the proceeds from the event which are sold out were set to reach the “American Heart Association” and the “Alzheimer’s Foundation of America”. Interested people still will be able to purchase the ticket for this match online. 

They have to purchase these tickets from the official website of the creator clash. The match will be held for around 48 hours. The viewers will purchase the ticket online and they will also be able to see the match for the whole 48 hours after the time it was concluded.

Creator clash results
Creator clash results

Matches of the Creator Clash

The viewers will be able to see nine matches, which will be held between the influencer fighters. The viewers who may want to know about the matches to help them all the upcoming matches are mentioned here below:

“Dad vs. Matt Watson”

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“Rayan Magee vs. Alex Ernst”

“Internet Comment Etiquette vs. DJ Welch”

“Yodeling Haley vs. Justaminx”

“I Did A Thing vs. TheOdd1sOut”

“Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stephan”

“Hundar vs. AB from the H3 Podcast”

“Harley (Epic Meal Time) vs. Arin Hanson”

“iDubbz vs. Dr. Mike”

From the nine matches some of the descriptions are given here:

“Dad vs. Matt Watson”

In this match, Dad easily defeats Matt Watson by TKO”.

This first boxing match of that night ended very easily. This match ended when Dad came down from the gate swinging. An enigmatic YouTuber jumped on Matt Watson.

After this, he easily landed in a flurry with a shot of target at the head of Matt Watson. He did this in less than a minute after the bell rang.

That is why all the viewers called this the favor of Dad. In this match, Dad showed all the high-level moves for this Watson has nothing to do and he lost match.

“Rayan Magee vs. Alex Ernst”

In this match “Alex Ernst defeated Rayan Magee by Unanimous Decision”

This was a battle, which easily can be called offensive. In this match, Ernst and MaGee ran after blows the entire course of all their five-bout rounds. In the first three rounds, viewers can see these two players matching each other.

But at round four Ernat was able to put the match in his favor. Though these two fighters have the same capability to win this match, somehow Ernst is able to knock MaGee. As MaGee fell on the ground before the final round, he drew blood.

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And as a result, the whole match came in the favor of Ernst. After this impressive fight, judges declare Ernst has won the match.

“Internet Comment Etiquette vs. DJ Welch”

In this match “Internet Comment Etiquette Was defeated by DJ Welch by TKO”

This was a heavyweight fight between “Internet Comment Etiquette and DJ Welch”. This heavyweight fight ended in the decisive win of two rounds for Welch. It was a late entry in the creator clash but DJ Welch was able to launch the blow to his enemy or opponent countless times.

However, Internet Comment Etiquette knocked Welch to the ground. He was able to knock him around three times before the time of the second round.

After this knock, Internet Comment Etiquette could not get able to turn the match in his sight and as result, he defeated this match before the third round.

“I Did A Thing vs. TheOdd1sOut”

In this match “I Did A Thing get able to defeat TheOdd1sOut by TKO”

This match between the “I Did A Thing vs. TheOdd1sOut” came to an end very easily in a short time. The whole match was in favor of “Australian inventors”.

I Did A Thing earned the win of this match in one minute and around 24 seconds by TKO in the first round. So after reading this the readers may assume that this much how fast was.

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I did a thing and gave a stark jab to his opponent and his opponent could not get over this jab. So as a result, the whole match got handed over to I Did A Thing.

“Yodeling Haley vs. Justaminx”

In this match “Yodeling Haley was defeated by Justaminx by TKO”

At the beginning of this match, both these fighters came out with the swinging gate. In the first round, these stringing together was looking so impressive.

The fight of these two in the first round impresses viewers. Both of them maintain this combination of stringing until the end of the rounds in this match. In this, match viewers noticed that Minx flaunted all her strength and with this, she quickly hooked and got the match in her hand.

Haley The TikTok star was still standing instead of sustaining the hits. In this match, Minx gets hurt and her nose is blooded. However, with this damage, Minx gets able this match as well.

Therefore, there are descriptions given of five matches among the nine matches in the creator clash.

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