Where To Find “A Stubborn Writer” in Lost Ark

There are lots of Hidden Stories in the Lost Ark and the most simple once is A Stubborn Writer. You need to teleport to the Arthentine Continent in the Arid Path area where you can find this hidden story. You can easily complete this quest by exploring the nearby waypoint through out the continent.

a stubborn writer lost ark

Where To Find Hidden Story of Stubborn Writer

Once you reach the waypoint of Arid Paths in the southern direction you need to explore the area a little bit until you find the hidden story. You can find it on the Lupen Port in the southwest direction of Outskirts and northwest of the Open Seas.

A Stubborn Writer location
screenshot by gameinstants

More importantly, you should get it the first time you reach Arthentine because this area has no mobs so it’s easy to get without getting any damage.

Once get to the waypoint move forward in the same direction until you reach the Lupen Port. Then you need to move forward from the left entry point until you see the larger crates at the corner.

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location of A Stubborn Writer
screenshot by gameinstants

On the ground, you also find a few papers near the crates. You need to investigate those papers to discover the hidden story of the Stubborn Writer as shown in the above image.

In case you reach Arthentine for the first time then you don’t need to wait until you get the hidden story task you can also get it by simply teleport to the southern direction waypoint in Arid path and getting the Hidden story.

This is the end of the A Stubborn Writer hidden story guide for more helpful content such as how to get Bilbrin and more do check our Lost Ark Guide.

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