How To Get Sil’Dihn Potsherd in FFXIV?

sildihn potsherd

The Endwalkers expansion was introduced in Final Fantasy 14 in patch update 6.5 along with new features, in-game items and more. More importantly, the update introduced Variant and Criterion dungeons that players can explore, defeat bosses and collect the value reward. The Sil’Dihn Potsherds is FFXIV in-game currency that is linked with the unique duties … Read more

How to Hide UI in FFXIV? (PC/PS4)


For those of you who play Hide UI in FFXIV, getting rid of UI is easy; in any case, it is impossible to change it, as in the PC adaptation. Looking at keystrokes isn’t exactly rocket science, but Final Fantasy XIV never explicitly tells you how to hide your user interface in FFXIV to take … Read more