GTA Online How to Put a Bounty on Someone

If you’ve been wandering the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online, you’ve noticed how crazy the city is. Most of the time, you can’t go about your business without some crazy appearing out of nowhere to murder you and derail your plans.

That’s why you should set a bounty on them – to put the target on their back rather than yours. In this post, we’ll teach you exactly how to arrange a bounty in GTA Online. For those obnoxious gamers, as well as a great way to entertain your friends.

How to Set a Bounty in GTA Online

Office in GTA Online
Image Credit: Rockstar Games

To set a bounty in GTA Online, open your phone by pressing up on the D-pad on consoles or the up arrow on PC. Choose contacts, scroll down until you locate Lester, then dial his number.

When he picks up, a menu of options should appear on the left side of your screen. Select the first option, which should be “set bounty.” Then you’ll be given a list of all the players in the game lobby who can have a bounty placed on them.

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The highest price you may set for a player is $10k. Lester will always take a $1k portion of any bounty. And whoever kills the player with the bounty on his or her head will earn the remaining monetary prize. On the contrary, if the player is not killed, they will earn the award. Bounties are valid for 24 hours in-game, or 48 minutes in real-time.

If a player takes a vehicle from an NPC, they may receive a threatening letter from “Unknown” and a bounty set on their head, which other players in the Session may claim.

Finally, remember that setting a reward on a player makes their position visible on the map. On your map and mini-map, players with a bounty on their heads will be symbolized by a red skull with a black X behind it. That way, anyone attempting to claim it may quickly discover them.

That’s how to set a bounty in GTA Online as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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