Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Everything To Know About The Game

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Guide scaled

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is finally out and the first impressions of the game have generated positive reviews. Based on the movie of the same name and inspired by the case of real-life murderer Ed Gein, it is a symmetrical horror experience that revolves around two teams – Victims and Family. TCSM requires a … Read more

5 Tips For Beginners in Dawnlands

Dawnlands Guide

Dawnlands encapsulates survival, open-world adventure, crafting, and resource management in one compact game. Released in August 2023, the story is about the main character taking the mission of saving their world from ‘Evil.’ It can be played with friends by inviting them into your world or solo. The journey in Dawnlands might seem daunting, especially in … Read more

Steam Summer Sale 2023: Dates, Discounts, and More

Steam Summer Sale

Open your Steam account now it’s time to add a few more games to your devices. Yeah, Steam has just announced Steam Summer 2023 deals and discounts. Where you can find some pocket-friendly new and old games on Steam’s website. Further, Valve, the developer has announced all the future sales and fest, so you can … Read more