Fairy Type Pokemon Weakness Explained

weakness of fairy type pokemon

The Fairy-type Pokemon are introduced in Gen. IV and appears of most of these Pokemon are cute but they are most powerful if you go counter fairy-type Pokemon in B attle then you should know their weakness. That helps you to defeat them in the battle here we featured their weakness and resistances that can … Read more

Fire Type Pokemon Weakness | Explained

what is fire weak against

To become the best trainer you need to know all Pokemon type’s strengths and weaknesses. In the early stage of the game if you choose the fire-type Pokemon as your partner then you might inhibit by the water-type Pokemon partner. There are Pokemon series is filled with lots of fire types Pokemons that you can … Read more

How to Find & Catch Combee Ramanas Island


Wondering how to get to Combee Ramanas Island. There are various fighting games available in the whole gaming world. Among all those fighting games Pokémon legends: Arceus is the most unique one. Here the players get able to fight with the help of their Pokémon with the other Pokémon. The players also get able to … Read more