Pokemon Go Great League Greatness Code-exclusive Timed Research

Timed Research and Codes for Pokemon Go

Trainers who redeem Day 1’s live stream code will get Pokemon Go Great League Greatness Timed Research that is related to the basics of battling. The code-exclusive research event is in celebration of the Pokemon World Championships that is happening in Yokohama, Japan till August 15. The unique code for the Great League Greatness research … Read more

Pokémon GO World Championship event 2023

pokémon world championship 2023 location

The Go Fest has ended and the focus has now shifted to the annual Pokemon Go World Championships. Professional esports players from the AR-based game, Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Unite will gather in Japan for the second week of August 2023. They will have a chance to win lucrative prizes while Go celebrates the event … Read more

Pokemon Go Glittering Garden Event: Date, time, and more

Pokemon Go Glittering Garden

Pokemon Go will globally celebrate the Go Fests in London and Osaka with the Glittering Garden Event. As the name suggests, the special event will focus on Grass- and Bug-type Pokemon and there will be an increased chance of catching a Shiny. The Pokemon Go Glittering Garden Event will also mark the debut of Shiny … Read more

Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023: Date, time and more info

adventure week pokemon go

This month’s Adventure Week will allow trainers to capture incredibly rare Rock-type and Fossil Pokemon. They may even encounter the newly-released Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura if they are lucky. Pocket monsters that generally have a low spawn rate will appear more frequently in the wild along with a legendary beast. Pokemon Go Adventure Week … Read more