Valorant: Viper Haven Lineups Map Guide (2024)

Viper Haven Lineups: In valorant if you are looking for an agent who is a perfect fit for every map then there is no other better option than Viper. If you know how to use the Viper skill then you can beat anyone on any map.

Valorant introduced the toxically inclined controller that received viper’s game-changing buffet early last year. Viper is the most chosen player in valorant which is picked for competitive and high-level professional games.

The other reason viper is popular in the viper is that viper is one of the best hybrid agents in valorant. Viper is not bound by any of the skills she has versatility in skills if you know how to use them. Nevertheless, viper can feature in any of the teams due to its versatile qualities.

Viper can be used for both attacking and defending sides according to every map in valorant. Viper in valorant can be used for entry smoke, enemy rush defence, and post plants. In this article, we will discuss the viper haven lineups.

Viper Snake Bite Ability in Valorant

If you are looking to do some potential damage to the enemies which affects the overall health of enemies then their viper snake bite is the ability that can be used through viper. Also, it can not only be used for great damage it deals with a unique debuff which is referred to as Vulnerable.

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A vulnerable attack is caused by the snake bite which leads to the double damage that applies to anyone. Also with vulnerable damage, when the enemies are attacked by the snake bite and then attacked by bullets then it will deal double damage to enemies.

Vulnerable effects for further two seconds when the molly area is vacated. But there is one catch, per round you can use the two charges. Each snake bite attack will be for 200 credits. Snakebite is not effective for more areas but in the attack range of snake bite, it will affect for 6.5 seconds.

viper haven lineups

A Default Snake Bites Post Plant Lineup in Haven a site

A plant location is kind of impossible to retake as a defender because of the angles advantage that post-plant attackers use for rotating enemies. Viper is one of the great defenders which can be used to defeat the rotating enemies in post-plant locations.

How can use the attack:

  1. In The lobby, there will be sandbags there
  2. In that looby stand between the sandbags and fence present there
  3. Turn the opposite side now you will be able to see raised structures in the sky
  4. Now point the poison cloud icon in the direction of the upper middle part of the rightmost building
  5. Shoot the snake bite attack there

Default Spike Plant For Sewers Haven

The mentioned list here is the lineup for a variety of first default lineup for the Haven A site, in this map you have to plant the bomb to approach the direct sightline from sewers, in this area, there is two option whichever you can choose as per your style.

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Either you can choose to play passively rough with the snake bite or actively by pecking to defend yourself from the bomb from the safety sewers. When you use the snake bite make sure it lands in a perfect location at a default:

  1. On the map, you will be able to see a sloped road that leads to an open door.
  2. Reach to end of the slope in that corner
  3. Now turn yourself in the opposite direction
  4. You will be able to see a tree from that corner
  5. Now point the icon in the direction of the tree and focus on the leaves
  6. Launch the snake bite on that leaves

Drop Plant Snake Bite Lineup Haven

In this location, you have to find the blocks in one of the corners

  1. Find the corner and stand next to that block
  2. Now look up towards the upper right side strap
  3. Then focus on the inch from the top
  4. Shoot the snake bite in that direction

Behind default snake bite lineup Haven

  • Stand in the same corner as you used to stand in the above-mentioned location
  • Locate the pointer in the middle of the strips
  • Shoot the snake bite

Haven Snake Bite Lineup Haven

Reach to block in a long where you will find the spot to use the snake bite

  1. Find those blocks along and reach to the top of that
  2. Move in the left direction till you can view the roof slope
  3. Locate the pointer in that direction
  4. Now launch the snake bi

B Entrance Post Plant Snake Bite Lineup Haven B Site

In this location, you have to reach the too mid window. From where you can attack with a snake bite.

  1. Find the mid window and stand near the window.
  2. Now in the window direction, you can view the building with a square-shaped wall
  3. Launch the snake bite with a little run in that room
  4. Now the snake bite will bounce back from that wall and will reach the planted spike B entrance
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B-Entrance Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup from Attacker Spawn Haven B site

In the attacker spawn, you will be able to find the other corner with purple-colored leaves behind it.

  1. Now go to that location in attacker spawn
  2. Turn around you will be able to see the golden bell on top of the structurer
  3. Point snake bite towards that golden bell
  4. Aim to the just below the bell and launch the snake bite

C default post-plant snake bite lineup Haven c site

To launch the snake bite effectively, in the middle of the c site you will find a large container there.

  1. Reach to the corner at c long
  2. Now turn around and you will see some high-rise structures from there
  3. Focus snake bite in the direction of secondary structure from left
  4. Shoot the snake bite there

C platform spot snake bite lineup Haven C Site

  • Reach to the previous corner at c long
  • Focus the snake bite in the direction of the same structure
  • Place the snake bite in the right corner of 2nd strip from the left
  • Shoot the snake bite in that direction

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