How To Convert Valorant to Overwatch 2 Sensitivity?

Valorant is one of the best games and if you want to switch its sensitivity to Overwatch 2 then you’re on the correct web page. Here in this guide, we explained how you can convert the Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2 without having a hassle.

If you recently started playing Overwatch 2 then you have noticed the game is the same as Valorant and in first-person shooting games crosshair and sensitivity is way too important for any player. But the thing is you can now easily transfer your Valorant Sensitivity to Overwatch 2.

Without wasting your time, let’s get started.

valorant overwatch sensitivity
valorant to overwatch sens

Convert Valorant Sens To Overwatch 2

The player can easily convert their Valorant Sensitivity to Overwatch 2 without having a hassle for this you need to multiply your Valorant Sensitivity by 10.60 number. You can also use this Valorant Sensitivity Converter to avoid the hassle.

Once you get the your Overwatch 2 Sensitivity these are the steps you need to follow.

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valorant sensitivity to overwatch
valorant to overwatch sens
  1. Launch Overwatch 2 and go to the menu and then Options.
  2. Navigate to the Controls tab and choose General.
  3. In General, given at the left sidebar on top. Now you can change your Sensitivity in the Mouse section.

Same as the Valorant Overwatch 2 is also a first-person shooting game and you can transfer your Valorant Sens. to Overwatch 2 to avoid the hassle. However, it was not company if you prefer you can also set your own sensitivity in the game.

This is sum up for Valorant to Overwatch 2 Sensitivity guide for more similar articles do read our Valorant Guides for more helpful information.

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