Radiant Gold Mask Location: How to Get & Use?

Radiant Gold Mask Location and the Goldmask’s Armor set location is guided in this article. Well both items to have in the game that players can get these armor sets with some hassle within the game.

A player has to complete the questline, which has been given by brother Corhyn. It has very favorable stats despite the fact that it’s not good in protecting you.

It exposes many of the body parts due to which you may experience heavy damage and find it useless, but due to stats, it is not much useless.

So, if you want to get it then, through this article, we’ll tell you the complete process of finishing the quest given by brother Corhyn. So, let’s get started.

radiant gold mask location
radiant gold mask location

What is Goldmask’s Armor Set?

During the questline, if they so want, players can acquire the Radiant Golden Mask. There are many great helmets and headwear in Elden Ring, but few of them shine as much as the Glowing Golden Mask, worn by the ever-shining Golden Mask of the same name.

So it’s ironic that Goldmask has a Radiant Golden Mask. You’ll need the Radiant Gold Mask Mask to put on the full Goldmask ensemble and merge with the Golden Order.

The Glowing Golden Mask is separate from the Golden Masks Basic Armor set. After acquiring a few rags and a belt, Elden Ring players can focus on completing the Goldmask’s armor set with their hands on the mask alone. 

Where to find the Goldmask’s Armor Set?

The Golden Mask is located in the highest part of the Altus Plateau, on the north side of a large broken bridge that once crossed the forest.

Once Brother Corhyn leaves the Round Table Stronghold in Elden Ring, he can be found next to a map fragment in Altus Plateau (which requires your own adventure to reach) Altus Plateau.

In the middle of the game, Brother Corhyn decides that he must go on a pilgrimage to find the legendary Golden Mask.

Players can go back to Brother Corhyn after discovering the Golden Mask and inform him of its whereabouts.

Once you find the Golden Mask at the northern end of the broken bridge on the Altus Plateau, talk to Brother Corhyn to get Brother Corhyn to move to the Golden Masks’ location. Then, you must look for the bridge in the south-eastern part of this area to find the Golden Mask.

How to obtain the Goldmask armor set in the Elden ring?

After that, you will arrive at the northern end of the Old Circle, and if you walk to the edge of the Great Bridge that stretches across the forest, you will see the Golden Mask heading towards Erdtree. You must acquire two Great Runes in order to travel to Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

The next step in their shared quest chain is to find his mute mentor, the broken Great Bridge spanning the forests. Once inside, you can find Brother Corhyn and Goldmask on the ridge overlooking Erdtree near the Colosseum in the southwest corner of the capital city.

Use the Law of Regression Incantation on the statue beneath Erdtree Sanctuary to beat Godfrey here. Once you have spoken with Corhyn once more, he will travel to the Mountaintops of the Giants with Goldmask. To visit Leyndell, the Ashen Capital, successfully complete the Grumbling Farum Azula dungeon. Activate the Ash Site of the Capital.

After that, locate Goldmask and steal the Mending Rune of Perfect Order from him by following the cliffs beneath the coliseum. Reload the location by leaving quickly, then return to find the whole set of armour, minus the mask.

Elden Ring players can concentrate on completing Goldmask’s Armor Set by obtaining the Radiant Gold Mask after obtaining Goldmask’s Rags, Gold Bracelets, and Gold Waist wrap.

For that, go back to the collapsed bridge on the Altus Plateau where you discovered Goldmask. If he was met, move to the southernmost part of the bridge rather than the northernmost part. Descent to the wreckage beneath the bridge. There is a Radiant Golden Mask concealed there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where is Goldmask mask?

Northeast of the Writheblood Ruins on a part of a destroyed bridge in the Altus Plateau is where you can find the Radiant Gold Mask.

Where to purchase the golden Elden Ring mask?

A Finger Reader Crone and an Elden Ring merchant may be found close by, as well as the remains of a very large bridge. To find the mysterious Goldmask, teleport to the opposite end of the demolished bridge using the way gate on the bridge.

Why can’t I find Goldmask?

Use the teleporter in the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge to find Goldmask in Elden Ring. When you reach the northern part of the area, Goldmask will be pointing at the Erdtree, so proceed to the edge of the bridge to view him. After speaking with him, you can return to Corhyn and inform him of the whereabouts of his friend.

Where is the Goldmask in ashen capital?

After you’ve defeated the boss and made it to Leyndell, Ashen Capital, you can locate Goldmask on a lower area of the colosseum, not far from where he and Brother Corhyn previously stood.

How do you get the white mask Elden Ring?

When one of the three Nameless White Mask NPC invaders is killed in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum region, northwest of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace, they will drop the White Mask Helm into the pool of blood.

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