Lost Ark: Deathblade Leveling Skills, Build (2022)

Deathblade Leveling Skills: So you chose deathblade as your character and you want to learn how to play with it at its best, well then you are at the right place but first, For those of you who do not know what the lost ark is. Lost Ark is an online massively multiplayer role-playing game.

It is a top-down 2.5d fantasy game. Lost ark is developed by smilegate, tripod studio, smilegate entertainment, and smilegate RPG, inc. It was firstly released on December 4 2019 in the South Korea region and then later on in other countries.

Lost Ark took over other games as soon as it was released, reaching the peak concurrent player of more than 1 million. And what makes it so special is its excellent features and a vast world for players to explore and not forget that it is free to play.

Now you must know how to level up in this game. There are several ways by exploring, and fighting enemies, there are even more ways one of them is, Trading skills are a crucial part of lost ark as it helps players grind and hustle even when they don’t want to fight.

Trading skills allow players to gather useful resources which can be used in crafting. Trading skills are some professions a player can do to earn a reward. Well but the most important one for us is completing the quest.

But before all that when you start the game you need to choose a character for yourself, that suits your style and gives you the best outcome. There are several characters to choose from in lost ark.

Characters in the Lost Ark

Just like every other MMORPG lost ark has the characters that you can control to perform powerful moves, take down the enemy, and play it in your style. There are many different kinds of characters each with a unique style.

You can select up to 6 characters in total with one being your main character. If u wanna change your main character you can only do it once a day which is why you need to be very careful when choosing the main character, the first character you chose is assigned as your main character. There are 6 slots in total but you can buy more slots as well to increase your character roaster.

Different Classes of Characters in the Lost Ark

There are five classes of characters in the lost ark, although they are furthermore divided into subclasses, these five are base classes. They are as follows:

  • Assassin
  • Gunner
  • Mage
  • Martial Artist
  • Warrior

Once you reach level 10 in the selected base class, you are given to choose from the advanced class in your specific playstyle. There are many advances or subclasses of characters in the lost ark.

deathblade leveling skills


Deathblade is an assassin, and it is a mele character. Its area of effect is very high, it can easily slice off enemies with its blades. Deatjhblade is very mobile, making it fun to play it but the cooldown of its abilities is long so it is better to kill enemies in groups rather than one vs one.

You should equip high-level items on it and you should focus on its crit and specialization as it increases its damage and speed by a lot.

Deathblade uses a death orb meter. When you land an ability on the enemy it generates a death orb meter. Once you get three death orb meters, you can enter art mode and in art mode, you can many buffs such as increased damage, high speed, lower cooldowns, and mobility.

Now you need to learn its skills, it is better to prioritize skills that help clear mobs of monsters easily and quickly and skills that have a low cooldown.

Core Skills

Now you must be asking yourself, where to put skills points to get the most powerful skills. Well here we go:

Soul absorber: at level 20, it increases your damage by a lot so put 48 points in it.

Moonlight sonic: at level 25: it is for damage and area of effect attacks so the transfer of 48 points from soul absorber to moonlight sonic.

Soul absorber: at level 31: re-add 48 points to increase damage.

Maelstrom: at level 35, add 20 points as it increases your attack speed and movement speed. Dark axel: at level 38, add 20 points as it increases mobility.

Blitz rush: at level 41, add 20 points as it increases damage.

Dark axel: at level 45, add 48 points as it increases mobility more than before.

Blitz rush: at level 48, add 48 points as it increases damage even more than it was.

Now you know what the death blade does, its strengths and weakness, and the perfect skills for it, go and kill all the enemies, Have Fun!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the deathblade leveling skills with complete information.

On Deathblade, what should I level?

These are some of the best deathblade leveling skills on a list. Spincutter is a skill, Polestar, talent, Soul Absorber is a skill, Earth Cleaver is a skill.
Moonlight Sonic is a skill, Maelstrom is a skill, and Blitz Rush is a skill.

How does Deathblade get levels?

Beginning with both the ability Spin Cutter, you should immediately invest 4 skill points in it to increase attack speed. Additionally, you’ll keep this talent until level 50.

Which engravings in Deathblade are also the best?

The class’s damage output and play pace are largely dependent on Residual Energy 3 & Super Charge 3. With Dark Axel making it simple to line up back assaults, Master the Ambush 3 offers substantial additional damage. Adrenaline 1 is a level 1 engraving that Deathblade can easily keep up.

Which is superior, Deathblade or Shadowhunter?

You really can’t go far wrong with that either. Just choose the class fantasy game you like the most, and play either. Both are excellent damage dealers, enjoyable to play, and strong PVP classes. By endgame, the shadowhunter has two builds. One completely disregards using their demon form, whereas the other does.

Is Deathblade an effective Lost Ark class?

One of several classes available for Lost Ark is Deathblade. That is one of those classes who demands close proximity to do high DPS damage, much like the Striker. As a result, it’s a fantastic class for gamers who enjoy action-packed battle and roaming about the arena frequently.

This is the end of this guide.

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